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FET #1

Posted by kiki2016 , 18 January 2017 · 4725 views

FET #1

Hello people! Okay so FET #1 from IVF #1 was a negative. I have nothing frozen left either 😑. What in the world is next for us!? We have two different plans as of now. We are not in agreement and it is very annoying.


Plan #1
Go back for just a retrieval in December 🙄. See what quality they are (I have low AMH for my age) (and who knows how much worse it will be in a flipping year 😩) anywho then we will go home after retrieval. If the quality of our embryos is better than we expect then we will return soon after for the transfer. (Don't want to miss too much work at once)
IF the quality is just ok or bad then we will come back even later for another fresh cycle and pick the best embryos from both cycles and finish.


Plan #2
Start the adoption process RIGHT NOW! And start raising funds (IVF in Mexico is cheaper than adoption) ( 2 rounds of IVF is about the same)


I am having this change inside me happening and it is surprising to me. I am craving to adopt an infant. My hubby thinks it won't quench my need to be pregnant. I never thought of my "need" as a need to pregnant. YES of course I have been dying to get pregnant for 6 years!!! But it was always about becoming a Mom (actually THE MOM ...I am a step mom to 2 amazing kids) and those 2 pink lines have been my goal ...so I can be a mom. BUT if in need to bypass carrying my child to get him or her ...then I don''t have to be pregnant


I have been watching YouTube stories of couples cutting the cord and taking their adopted baby home from the hospital and it's so beautiful and amazing. I really think I could do that! (Phil and Alex)


MY HUBS obviously has experience having his own children and he wants me to experience that too. He wants to see what we can make together ... I just don't know about our chances in a year. .I wish he could see that raising a child together would be an AMAZING experience...helping a baby that needs parents and parenting our baby together would be a brand new experience for us both. Anyway I am just praying that God leads us in the direction of our baby no matter if it's IVF or adoption. Prayers for you and your journey!! Comment!

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Hello....i did IVF in Pedieos IVF clinic in Cyprus with 5 years frozen embryos (donor eggs) and it was positive. The doctor did all the exams in me and my husband did sperm analysis etc. 



Phone number: +357 22 670 850 OVUM   DONATION  TREATMENT


Choice of donor:  Our Center selects the best possible donor and sends the details to the recipient couple for their approval. No pictures of the donor can be provided.  The “DONOR” as well as the “RECIPIENT” REMAIN ANONYMOUS throughout the whole procedure and thereafter for every subsequent procedure.  The recipient either approves the donor or requests another matching. The waiting period is approximately 3 months. Regular & Elite Donor: Due to recent trends and repeated special requests, we have created two groups of donors to choose from in order to suit everybody’s needs.


The REGULAR donor is routinely tested for:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs): HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), Hepatitis B core antibody (anti-HBc IgM), Hepatitis C (HCV), Syphilis (VDRL), Cytomegalovirus antibody (CMV IgM)

Genetic conditions: Thalassemia trait (Hb Electrophoresis)

Hematology: Red blood cells (RBC), Hemoglobin (Hb), Hematocrit (PCV), Mean corpuscular volume (MCV), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), blood group & rhesus.

Gynecological check-up: Ovarian assessment and antral follicle count (trans-vaginal ultrasound)

Hormone profile: Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), Estradiol (E2), Luteinizing hormone (LH), AMH

During an interview process, the potential candidate for a donor is asked a series of questions regarding:

immediate family medical history (parents, siblings)

own medical history (including allergies, medications)

gynecological history (including previous donations and pregnancies)

alcohol consumption, use of illegal substances and smoking

education, work, hobbies


About the ELITE donor: Recipients receive much a more comprehensive package of information about their donor and have a chance to find the very best candidate who meets their particular criteria. The clinical profile of donors includes extensive information on their family background and their own personal details, somatic and psychological in the past and present.


The elite donors are tested like the ones in Group A but additionally for:

·         Genetic tests:  Karyotype (chromosome analysis),  Fragile-X, Cystic Fibrosis, SMA

·         Further testing for more Genetic diseases  is possible upon request at an extra cost.



Preparation of recipient:  The recipient patient is coordinated with the donor in her preparation.  Usually the recipient is ready after 10-22 days of hormone treatment (Estrogen).  The recipient must inform us of her expected period 4 weeks in advance and the number of days needed for the endometrium to be ready.  The recipient should inform us at once when she gets her period.  The sperm sample should be provided on the day of egg collection.

We can give you the medication and instructions for your preparation in case you do not have a personal doctor. Medications can be bought by you or can be couriered to you from here. Please let us know what you wish to do.

In case that you have a doctor, your doctor undertakes his part of therapy to prepare you and our Center prepare the donor. During the program your doctor is kept updated on the donor’s progress. On the last ultrasound scan the exact date of the ovum pickup is given to your doctor so that final instructions and arrangements can be completed at your side.  The embryo transfer is done approximately 3-5 days after the ovum pickup.


Number of eggs:  Our Center will transfer 2 fresh embryos of excellent quality. In special circumstances 3 embryos may be transferred.  If the embryo quality is not satisfactory, the transfer will be cancelled. In order to obtain at least 2 excellent embryos, we need 5-7 eggs.  Supernumerary embryos can be frozen.  Shipment of frozen embryos to other countries depends on customs regulations.


Length of stay:  The embryo transfer is carried out 3 or 5 days after ovum pick-up and insemination.  The recipient couple must provide the sperm on the day of egg collection and be available for embryo transfer 3-5 days later.  The couple can travel the next day or even the same day, after embryo transfer.


Success rate:  Recipients with a normal endometrium have a 60-75% chance to succeed with their first attempt.


Best Regards,



Clinic Coordinator 

I agree with both of you. Why don't you adopt a child and also try having your own? You sound like a really strong woman. I think you shouldn't rule out either option. Maybe your cycle failed for the reason that you adopt. But that doesn't mean you're not also meant to have your own.

God is great and always has the best plan for us. We just don't always see it.

I wish you best of luck! You don't need to chose kiki :) <3

I've been through all the same doubts and torments as you. I understand you very well. I had 7 attempts at ivf, and after the last one, I was blowing that I would give up forever, so I felt bad. But in the clinic where I was undergoing treatment (Feskov Human Reproduction Group) I met a very nice girl who turned out to be "working" as a surrogate mother there. And now, a year later, with the help of surrogacy my child was born) Good luck to you, try everything, and something will work!

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