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How 2 Became 3 !!


FET #1

Posted by kiki2016 , 18 January 2017 · 4769 views

FET #1 Hello people! Okay so FET #1 from IVF #1 was a negative. I have nothing frozen left either 😑. What in the world is next for us!? We have two different plans as of now. We are not in agreement and it is very annoying.  Plan #1
Go back for just a retrieval in December 🙄. See what quality they are (I have low AMH for my age) (and who k...


Going back to Mexico

Posted by kiki2016 , 08 December 2016 · 2138 views

Going back to Mexico Hello ladies!! It's been months since I've really felt like typing on here...I know you ladies know what I mean. I am going back for an FET cycle. I have 2 okay day 3 frozen embryos waiting on me!!  FAILED CYCLE??? Ok so my first IVF attempt in July ended strangely! I had about 2 days in a row with faint positives on frer tests and cheapies. I was 7d...


2ww is happening!!

Posted by kiki2016 , 14 July 2016 · 2375 views

2ww is happening!! Hey IVF sisters! I am back from Mexico and I am PUPO for the first time! Today is 5dp3dt!  I had 10 eggs retrieved ..July 6th
8 mature
6 fertilized with ICSI
on day 3 we had 5 embryos
Transferred 2 "good" embryos on day 3.. July 9th 2016!
2 "regular" embryos frozen that evening I was really please with how it went considering my low AMH of 1.1...


IVF one week away!!

Posted by kiki2016 , 15 June 2016 · 1847 views

IVF one week away!! Hello IVF peeps! Here are some words to pass the time to get to our babies sooner!  My IVF starts in one week!! I have 3 birth control pills left! The last one I take Saturday! I PRAY my periods comes (strange for us ladies I know) on Tuesday! My AF was one day late on my last pack of pills ...she better be on time that little ...!  INJECTIONS...


IVF ..22 days away!!

Posted by kiki2016 , 31 May 2016 · 1903 views

IVF ..22 days away!! Update time!! Things are moving along finally!  ✔️Gonal f - first 5 days is in the fridge!
✔️Hotel is booked- staying at the beach but not too far!
✔️Birth control- starting second and LAST pack tomorrow! Next we will pay the 25% IVF deposit to IREGA this week!
-start my AF around June 21st
- first inj...


IVF Travel Dates are set!

Posted by kiki2016 , 19 April 2016 · 1397 views

IVF Travel Dates are set! Hello IVF sisters!  I haven't written in a while...just a lot of waiting. A few little victories have happened though!  We booked our flights for our Cancun IVF!! Yay! I know my actual dates! It feels so good! We have been searching hotels now! We aren't sure if we want to stay near the hospital or have to pay a taxi 8 days to take us there...


Getting closer

Posted by kiki2016 , 30 March 2016 · 1443 views

Getting closer What's up IVF peeps!? I just wanted to give myself and anyone reading an update on my IVF #1 plans and status.  
ALL MY TESTS ARE DONE..cleared for take off! 
My saline sonogram procedure went well. It was a lot more awkward than I expected! My doctor had a spot light on my lady junk! It didn't hurt at all so that was a relief! It was awesome wa...


Last test (hopefully)

Posted by kiki2016 , 16 March 2016 · 1538 views

Last test (hopefully) Entry #6 up in here
Ok so I just wanted to tell my future self and anyone reading that I am excited to have an official appointment for my SIS. I will go next week to get saline flushed into my uterus and tubes while the sonogram picks up the fluid. I am alittle nervous that it might hurt. I have heard good and bad experiences. Either way I would rather d...


For My Fellow IVF sisters

Posted by kiki2016 , 08 March 2016 · 1922 views

For My Fellow IVF sisters You are not alone in your roller coaster feelings. I know now after just a few weeks of being on this site that I am not alone either. I want to thank everyone who is brave enough to share and educate others. I must ask God to help me with my up and down feelings...maybe you relate .. YOU ARE NOT ALONE When at random times you cry when you see c...


An End = a New Beginning

Posted by kiki2016 , 03 March 2016 · 1681 views

An End = a New Beginning Hey ladies! My 4th entry is ready to pour out of me!!  Soo last night was my last chance of making a baby with my man on our own. I honestly tried not to think about it, but I just can't help myself! I actually started to cry when he wasn't looking. I laid there with my pillow under my butt and let myself grieve.  I just always imagined -not in...

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