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Karma is a Bitch!

Posted by hotmamaoftwins , 26 September 2012 · 1668 views

Hi IVF'ers! It's been a while since I've been in this site. I miss you! I just want to share this article with you. I'm sure a lot of you would appreciate it. http://www.thestar.c...ism-allegations I'm sure a lot of the old timers still remember this evil troll. She's the one who wrote this article in Globe and Mail http://www.theglobea...article4188674/ . I was so excited to share cause I know a lot would be happy with this news. There's tons of writing how she's bringing the Globe and Mail down so she might get fired. HA! See this is why I love Karma!

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Is it wrong that I think she deserves everything she gets ..lol
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I was reading some of the comments posted about the original article. Wow, I can't believe there were so many hurtful comments about the infertile community. I'm truly hurt. And what's with the stereotype that women who need IVF are 40+ and waited because she wanted to pursue her career? It makes me angry.
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Sep 26 2012 08:52 PM
I can't read those comments - they are infuriating! The article alone was sickening.

Yes, thank you world for karma!
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Wow-so much anger, and hatred, and prejudice on that comment board, as well as in the article.
Thanks for sharing the articles.

I often wish that all news media outlets would take off the anonymous component of those comment boards...if I have to read those kinds of statements as a part of the "news", then the posters should have to declare their identities, and own up to their hate-filled vitriol.

I remember reading an article on the CBC boards about those poor Newfoundland oil workers who went down in a helicopter accident, where all but one of them drowned. The comment board was checkered with kind and heartfelt wishes of sympathy for the victims and their families, as well as, so disturbingly, a shocking number of cruel, disgusting jabs at these same people, who allegedly 'deserved to die' (!)

Unfortunately, reading the comment board of almost any online news story seems to provide the same, negative experience-painting a very disturbing portrait of human discourse.

If something is being sold to me as "news", the journalist always declares his/her identity, yet the commenters, who somehow get to occupy that very same space on my computer screen, get to hide behind their anonymity, thus giving them further fuel to speak/write without any sense of responsibility or human decency.

It's always reminded me of the KKK riding around with white sheets covering both their heads, and their shameful, heinous deeds... if people are so proud of their hateful opinions-and if those opinions are going to be packaged as a part of a national, trusted news source!- then they should't be allowed to hide themselves so easily. They should have to declare their names, and their towns, in order to be"published" contributers to a "news" feed. Light has to be shone into the darkness of a place where writing hateful comments seems to have become a bit of a sport for some people. If their neighbours, their mothers, their bosses, their husbands and wives were likely to hear the garbage they spew, I doubt it would ever surface in such a hideous form.

It broke my heart to read such sad, uninformed, and clearly biased comments about Infertility struggles. But some people just take great, anonymous joy in breaking hearts.

Baby dust to all the women and men who desperately want families, and who are fighting so hard everyday to try to make that happen. Baby dust to us all.
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I do think it would be helpful if gynecologist's offices had some sort of posters up informing women about their reproductive lifespan - I don't know that it's completely accurate to say I waited to have kids, but I do know that I really did not understand that just getting my period regularly does not ensure viable eggs. I really had no idea about the reproductive age of my eggs type of thing - and I may indeed have tried to freeze eggs earlier. I bet a lot of women really have no idea they can't have babies so easily after a certain age. I know I've told friends of mine who are approaching 40 to consider that their reproductive chances may be slimming.
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Great point, Sharlene.

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