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AF after C-section (contains TMI)

Posted by hotmamaoftwins , 20 January 2011 · 1026 views

My twins were born on November 2nd via c-section. I was told that we can only do the deed after 6 weeks. So after 6 weeks I started taking BCP. It's funny how last year around the same time I would die just to get pregnant naturally, and now this year I would also die if we were to all of sudden get pregnant naturally...Life's irony... So anyway, I got AF yeserday and today is the 2nd day and I am totally freaked out. First off, it's a blood bath down there and something came out of me. It's huge, fleshy pinkish looking. I've never seen anything like it and especially that size. What could that possibly be? I am feeling ok though. No pain or anything. Has any of you experienced anything like this? Please help. Thanks.

I know it's so bad. I didn't have a c section but I know what you mean. I got mine after 6 months because I had just finished breast feeding and it was horrible. Worst I have EVER had. It does go back to normal eventually. It took a couple of months though.
Jan 20 2011 07:27 PM
Sorry to hear about your "flood" issue...Although I also didn't have a C-Section, I can totally relate to what you're going through. I had a virtual tidal wave after both my pregnancies and also have had really super heavy periods ever since having kids. Oh joy. I also didn't know what to expect about the "tissue" issue...I mean, you get papers from the hospital talking about passing clots, but I just didn't imagine they meant "huge gross leftovers". The first time I passed something like that, I was innocently watching TV and felt "something"...after I came back from the bathroom my mom asked if I was okay and I was so freaked out - my face was white. When I told her what happened she went "oh, that's normal...I remember having that problem when I had you" I was like "you remember laying eggs????" (sorry if TMI, but that's what it felt like!) Anyway, you are supposed to report to your doc if you pass anything larger than an a chicken egg - not an ostrich egg - so if your "gift" was larger than that, I'd make an appointment. But if not...well, sorry...I know, it's so gross. Your periods should be more "period-like" after this first one, and the BCPs will totally help them to be lighter as you go along. Good luck and blessings on your twins!!!!
Oh my gosh, now I'm totally freaked out! AF totally sounds like my normal AF but the clots, eek! I think I'm going to breastfeed this child until she's 15 so AF never comes back. (totally kidding, really!). Take care of yourself and let us know what your doctor says.
Jan 20 2011 08:03 PM
I had a c-section and afterward passed LOTS of large clots ... I was quite frightened lol
Same here, hotmama. I got AF back 7 weeks after the boys were born, and it was quite clotty. Don't sweat it. I'm on a progestin BCP now and still spotting weirdly. I think it takes a little while for the hormones to settle down.
Jan 21 2011 09:17 AM
oh gosh! thanks ladies for putting my mind at ease..I was thinking of putting that massive thing in a ziplock and bringing it to my doctor but I just can't get over how gross that would look...I actually thought I might have had a miscarriage (weird, huh?) But now knowing that this is "normal", I can now go to sleep (If the twins would let me)Allyb bf'ing till 15? LOL! I actually saw a show where people really do that...It's crazy! can you imagine your teenager saying " Hey mom I'm going to the mall. Can you please BF me first so I don't have to buy any snack while I'm there." hahaha!
I know, totally disturbing right? Although I've lost so much weight without much effort, the thought is tempting! (just kidding, really!). Glad to hear it's normal and that you are doing well.

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