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Are we there yet?!!!!

Posted by hotmamaoftwins , 27 October 2010 · 1005 views

Today is my 37 weeks in my pregnancy. That's full term in the twin world. The last couple of weeks have felt like deja vu all over again. I feel like I'm in my 2ww. I am so grateful that we made it this far. At the same time, I feel like I'm in a huge car full of kids in the backseat that wouldn't stop asking "Are we there yet?".

Everyday our phones both at home and cell would receive calls from family asking if the twins have arrived yet. The number one culprit is MIL. She would call almost everyday and asks the same stupid question that it's now getting in my nerves and really fuelling my anxiety. I get that she's excited being that these are her first grand kids but there's a thing called too much! She asks when my OB appointmets are, what time and wants us to call after every appointment to give her a full report. We visited them over the weekend and asked me again, "So when are we gonna see them?". I said I wish I coud give her an answer. She then said that maybe it's better to just book a c-section already so atleast we know. And boy I thought I was impatient!

Not to mention friends and relatives on Facebook. When I log in to my account, I make sure I'm offline on the chat or else they wouldn't stop bothering me. The other day, my Uncle called me and asked me if the twins are here yet, I said yes, they're here already. He responded by saying, "Yeah right, if they were, you would have flooded Facebook long time ago!" LOL! It made me laugh. The other time, one of DH's closest friends called us at home but we were out and he called the cell but the battery died. He left us several messages like a psycho blabbering how worried he is. So as soon as I heard the message, I told DH to give him a call before he gets a heart attack. I have to admit that it was sweet but again too much.

My mom has been amazing. I feel like she's the only grown up in my circle of people right now. I was chatting with her over the weekend and she asked me, how I'm feeling and if I'm not sick yet of people asking when are the twins coming. I guess with 7 kids she oughta know what I'm going through right now.

These are the very first set of twins in the family and I guess that's part of the whole excitement. And everyone wants to be the first to know. Other than feeling like a penguin with a watermelon stuck in between my legs when I walk and for loosing my breath if I made a wrong move in trying to switch position in bed and the constant peeing every half hour, I would feel ok. What I can't handle is the never ending asking of "Are we there yet?" and I can't even get out of the car cause I'm the designated driver. :th_aggahhh:

Maybe whenever anyone asks you could respond "when there is any news we will be sure to tell you" ie. please stop asking!

Or you could say "oh yes, we had them weeks ago, we just didn't bother to tell you" then say "really, if there were here do you not think we would have told you?".

Good luck!
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I suppose it's nice that they care so much.

Perhaps tell people that you have a list of contacts to call when the babies are hear and for every time they ask you are moving them down the list?
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Oct 27 2010 12:23 PM
LOL! I know right? Do they think we would keep it a secret? I like that list erin, maybe I should really make one...
It is a really annoying isn't it? They are probably just really excited for you and don't realize what a silly question they are asking. That is pretty cute that your DH's friend was so worried. Try to take it easy and get some rest, they will be here soon! :)
At least you know there is an end to this problem right around the corner! Until then I like Erin's list idea :Emoticons09780:
Oct 28 2010 04:59 PM
LOLOL I would be sooo annoyed- but i reflection it is really sweet and cute how everyone is DYING to meet the twins!!!

Good luck!!! :Emoticons09780:

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