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Triggering tonight

Posted by Sweet_Insanity , 28 November 2015 · 2579 views

So today/tonight is my trigger.


Still waiting on the phone call that tells me what time.


I'll be Triggering with HCG at 10,000.


I am so uncomfortable and full feeling in my belly. I look like I'm 6mos pregnant or farther.


My DH is scared I might get OHSS but I don't think so.


So here's what happened past few days...


On Thursday my sis took my son over to my father's house just to visit. He ended up staying the night. Which worked out because we were gonna go "Grey" Thursday shopping, so we wouldn't have to go out on black Friday. So much easier without a little one along.


We went from dollar general to jcp to Michael's to Toys-r-us to Kohl's to Walmart. All in the rain with temperatures just above 34°F. Very chilly. We got some very good deals.


Got home in time for my shots. My belly was very sore from all the walking, running and standing around waiting for stores to open.


The next day, Friday, I had my appointment at 8:15am.


I rushed out the door after a quick shower at 7am. Driving a few miles down the road I realized I forgot my papers.


Driving to the parkade, I push the button for the packing ticket but nothing happens. After pushing it a dozen times or so I watch another car drive straight through. The gates were open, it was free to park. Maybe because it was a holiday weekend but yay.


When I find a spot it's 7:55am, time to book it. My clinic is inside of a large university hospital and it takes some walking and stairs/elevator to get there.


Arrive at 8:07am.


Ultrasound is so easy because my ovaries are so big they dropped down. Way less pain than last time.


Out of the 29 follicles seen


16 were size 12 or larger


Largest follicles were 20 and 18 and we're found on my left ovary.


Most follicles found on my right were around 14 and 15.


Doctor says she wants others to catch up so trigger Saturday.


Doctor were surprised I grew so quickly. Was expecting to be on a longer protocol.


Signed papers.


Took my bloodwork and my estradiol level was 1073.


Took my blood pressure it was 151 over 91. Asked if that was normal for me. I said no took it again it was 143 over 89.


Went home and ate a plate of fresh vegetables leftover from Thanksgiving scary to think about having high blood pressure.


All that I talked to said it could be the anxiety from all this or the meds I'm on.


Still scary to think about.


After picking my son up from my father's house we went home and played board games all night.


Home made spaghetti.


Wishing all you ladies the best!

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Hello, don't worry I'm not a bot. Just couldn't decide on a name. 


I noticed that you stopped posting. I hope good news came your way. Did you conceive? If so congrats. Please update your blog if you have time.


I'm about to start my process and I'd just like to talk first hand. 



Best wishes, 0809

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