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Day 6 of stims

Posted by Sweet_Insanity , 25 November 2015 · 1270 views

Stims Ivf Life

Day 6 of stims


Meds stayed the same


20 of lupron, 150 of Follistim, 1 vial of Menopur.


Today I had bloodwork.


My estradiol level is now 771


I am very sore and tired today. Really feeling my ovaries. Also having back pains.


I was joined by my DS this morning to tag along to my bloodwork appointment. He has been off all week. I travel for my appointments so it's nice when I have someone to go with.


Friday I have bloodwork and I finally have my first ultrasound! So I will have to find someone to watch DS.


We enjoyed stopped by mcdonalds so I could thank him for coming along.


My DH had to work a double shift today, least he'll only have to work a few hours tomorrow.


Well wishes ladies!

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