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Day 5 of stims and life

Posted by Sweet_Insanity , 24 November 2015 · 1197 views

Day 5 of stims


Pinching in the ovaries, bloated, very cranky and tired.


Follistim is now 150 instead of 225


Menopur is still one vial


Bloodwork tomorrow


I started this day on a good note. Breakfast with my hubby at a local country kitchen restaurant. It's something that we do once a week just to get away from the house and be alone. It's us time.


We own our home but live with our 8 year old son, my sis, his mother. Yes I live with my MIL. She fell on hard times and has been with us since July 22. There is so much more to that story but maybe another time.


My sis, has been with us since April. We needed the extra money, had an extra room, and she wanted to live with family.


Yes, many fights have came up but we are dealing. Hoping that in the next couple weeks MIL will be getting her own place. As for my sis, she has to play nice or my husband said she's getting the boot.


Nothing much happened today other than us trying to finish the leftovers from Sunday nights turkey day. Have a good day.



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