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Triggering tonight

Posted by Sweet_Insanity , 28 November 2015 · 2580 views

So today/tonight is my trigger. 
Still waiting on the phone call that tells me what time. 
I'll be Triggering with HCG at 10,000. 
I am so uncomfortable and full feeling in my belly. I look like I'm 6mos pregnant or farther.  
My DH is scared I might get OHSS but I don't think so. 
So here's what happened past few days... 


Day 6 of stims

Posted by Sweet_Insanity , 25 November 2015 · 1495 views
Stims, Ivf, Life
Day 6 of stims 
Meds stayed the same 
20 of lupron, 150 of Follistim, 1 vial of Menopur.  
Today I had bloodwork. 
My estradiol level is now 771 
I am very sore and tired today. Really feeling my ovaries. Also having back pains. 
I was joined by my DS this morning to tag along to my bloodwork appointment. He has been off all...


Day 5 of stims and life

Posted by Sweet_Insanity , 24 November 2015 · 1450 views

Day 5 of stims 
Pinching in the ovaries, bloated, very cranky and tired. 
Follistim is now 150 instead of 225 
Menopur is still one vial 
Bloodwork tomorrow 
I started this day on a good note. Breakfast with my hubby at a local country kitchen restaurant. It's something that we do once a week just to get away from the house a...

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