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Posted by Hoping&Praying , 22 May 2016 · 1155 views

It's been awhile so I was thinking I should give a little update on my progress so far:
So, as I said before I am on the "Patch" Protocol. This means that I had to test with a Clearblue OPK until I saw my LH surge. Once I got a solid smiley face, I was surging and was to call the clinic. I was really nervous that  I wasn't going to get a surge, because last month I tested with a First Response test and never got one positive result. So, not only did I use CB but I purchased some dollar store tests as well. Between the two of them and testing multiple times a day I finally saw my positive on January 8th which was CD 11 at 6pm. I tested again the next morning at 6:30am and sure enough I was still positive on the 9th (last tested at 6:15pm on the 9th). So, I called the clinic and told them and then I started my patch on February 18th 2016. 
Now, every other day I switch my patch (I'm wearing it on my hip and alternating hips with each change) until I get my day 1. Then I'm not to remove my patch, I'm just to call the clinic and they will give me my next instructions. 
As I understand I will be starting my stims on day 2 of my cycle. I will be taking 200iu of Gonal-F everyday and then on day 5 I will be adding in 250mcg of Cetrotide. On day 6 I will be starting Bloodwork and Ultrasounds at my local hospital. Then, once my clinic gets the results they will call me to tell me of my progress. 
Needless to say, I'm so SCARED! But, I'm happy too. I'll take it one day at a time... that's all I can do. 

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