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We're Up!

Posted by Hoping&Praying , 22 May 2016 · 1073 views

Got the call from the clinic that we're up yesterday (Jan 12/16)! So I'm starting the patch protocol next month. Once I get my period at the end of this month (hopefully around the 30th of Jan), I will start testing for LH surge around valentines day. Once I've seen that I'm surging I start the patch called Estradot. I then wear the patch until my next period I believe. Then we go for an education session on how to use the injections etc. on Feb 22 2016 at 1:45PM. I shouldn't get my next period until the 28/29th of Feb hopefully and then I call that my day one and five days or so later I will start stimming and praying that I get a good response and get a good amount of eggs (this of course, is the part I'm worried about the most right now). The nurse told me my egg retrieval would be around March 13th if everything goes as planned of course. 
My last cycle was 32 days! That's really long for me. The last couple before that were around 25 days (which I've been told now, that, that's not a good thing). Anything less than 25 is bad and more than 35 days is bad. Anyways, I started temping again as well as I bought a 20 pack OPK from the drug store and I'm hoping that I can see myself ovulate. So far, nothing. My day one was Jan 1 2016... so I'm hoping that it will show some time latest Friday maybe? I have to call my clinic again today to let my nurse know that we have been called in now, because I called her to report my irregular cycles lately. I'm worried there may be an underlying issue now. :( 
So, I'm freaking out a little... because this is our last shot. If this doesn't work...... I, I really don't want to think... and I shouldn't be thinking about it right now. For now, I'm going to focus on getting my body as healthy as possible and try to drop as much stress as I can. 

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