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Irregular Cycles

Posted by Hoping&Praying , 22 May 2016 · 887 views

This has been bothering me... but it seems since my last IUI... I can't seem to get a regular menstrual cycle. 
My last IUI was in July 2015 and before that I thought I had a regular 27 day cycle. I've really been paying attention these last couple of months and have noticed it's off by a couple days most of the time. This last cycle took forever to come on. It ended up being a 32 day cycle! That's the longest cycle I've had so far. Before that I had 2 cycles of 25 days and one of 26.
The July IUI was the best IUI success cycle I have had (resulted in BFN). I seem to be a bit of a poor responder to Gonal-F as well. I'm going to speak with my doctor about this, but for now, I just wanted to get it off my chest because I'm so worried that this is going to mess things up for our IVF treatment. This cycle has really got me scared just because it was so OFF. Posted Image
I also started acupuncture in November. It's supposed to help balance hormones, so maybe that's what's happening as I know now that anything less than 26 days is too short and more than 32 days is too long of a cycle.
I have started to temp myself again (haven't done this in years), as well as this month I purchased a 20 test ovulation kit to make sure that I am in fact ovulating (which I start on Tuesday morning). It was always so hard for me to do the BBT but, I'm willing to do anything to get this sorted out. 
So, I know this probably isn't something I should be totally stressing about.. but, I'm stressing a little because maybe it's PCOS? I have symptoms and my aunt has it. Although wouldn't the clinic have seen this when I did my last screening tests? I can't wait for tomorrow for the clinic to open again so I can talk to someone and get some answers. 

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