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At the beginning again...

Posted by Hoping&Praying , 22 May 2016 · 1511 views

November 2015
Hello everyone! Posted Image This is my first time ever blogging, but I thought it might help to talk some things out. Who better to share my journey with than others that are sharing in the same difficulties in life as I am? 
My husband and I started TTC about 6 years ago (around the time that we got married). We didn't think we would have any troubles at all... but, boy were we wrong! About three and a half years ago, we finally went to see the doctors and got checked out. Tests came back and we were diagnosed as “unexplained infertility”. In some ways, we were relieved at the diagnosis, until we realized that that didn't mean it was going to be easy for us to get pregnant. In some ways, I almost wish that they had found a problem with one of us... that way we would know what to do to "fix" this. 
It’s been hard. We talk and dream about “our baby”. We watch as friends and family get pregnant and try so hard to be happy for them and not jealous. For us, we are experiencing this together, but alone. The people around us don’t understand. They think we just don’t have enough sex or something… They keep telling us “just forget about it, and it will happen”, or “have a couple drinks and that will do it” “all I have to do is look at my husband and oops!”…the list goes on and on. I’m sure everyone experiencing infertility deals with this as well, but, it can be so infuriating at times!
Anyways, a little more about us: I’m 31, but will be 32 in February. My husband is 32. We have had three failed IUI’s. First cycle I was on Gonal-F at (50ui’s a night). I didn’t respond at all to the medication, and had a “normal” cycle, like I had never taken anything. The second cycle they upped my dose of Gonal-F to 75ui’s a night. Again, my body laughed at it. The third time we used 75ui on Gonal-F and 50ui of Serophene (Chlomid). This time my cycle was different! I had 3 good sized follicles. Unfortunately, I am sure that I ovulated before the procedure. I was in so much pain the night before I was supposed to go in. I don’t usually experience ovulation pain, but this time I know I did! I called the clinic and they told me that they thought it was just pain because my ovaries were swollen and not used to having more than one follicle, and they were being stretched. I told them my worries again, because I was sure… but, they gave me hope by saying what they said and because I wasn’t 100% sure what had happened, and asked if I still wanted to come in. I didn’t want to miss the chance and hoped I was wrong. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pregnant from this cycle either. Posted Image 
We were about to give up (only because of the cost of all this), when funding for Ontario passed! I called as soon as I heard, I think it was on the 5th of October and set up an appointment. On October 30th my husband and I went in for our consultation to sign papers and hopefully get on the approval waiting list. They told us all the complications and risks that could occur from IVF; and I’ve got to say it was scary to hear! I’m SO scared that I’m not going to stimulate again!!! This is my biggest fear. You only have the one shot for funded IVF. The best news to hear was that they freeze the embryos now. That gave me hope for any future babies (as long as I stimulate and release enough little embryos!). So, the plan now is a higher than usual dosage of Gonal-F again (Posted Image it works), the patch protocol, and then we wait to see what happens… They called us last Saturday to confirm that we are on the list. We are hoping to hear from them soon to start this next chapter of our story.
 My plan is to try to stress as little as possible (easier said than done! I have super high anxiety, which doesn’t help anything) and take care of my body. Since the second of November I have been trying to eat healthier (more veggies and fruits, lots of avocados and brazil nuts, raspberries and POM pomegranate juice. I’ve read that these things will not hurt and may increase our chances a little. Also, I heard that Pineapples are good and that they help to thicken the uterine lining.) I’m taking my daily prenatal and drinking at least a cup a day of raspberry leaf tea and trying to drink more water. I know this may not have any effect on my cycle, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something (and I need to feel like that). I have also started fertility acupuncture. My first session was on November 18th 2015. For the relaxation of it alone, I can’t see how it could hurt. So, that’s kind of where we are at, at this point. Just waiting for the phone call to know more about when we start... 
Thank you for reading my story and if anyone has questions or would like to give me some tips I would greatly appreciate it.  As I said, it would be nice to talk with some people who are in the same boat. Wishing everyone lots of luck getting your Posted Image ’s and hoping you all don’t lose hope. Remember:  Our “someday” babies will be here soon! Posted Image 

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Praying and Hoping - Good Luck!!!! Fingers crossed your next cycle gives you your long awaited BFP!!!!

May 26 2016 06:24 AM

Thank you tj! :) Since this post (November 2015) we've went through a round of IVF and had a fresh transfer that ended in a chemical. I just spoke with the doctor yesterday and he was going to put us back on the list for an FET in the next 2 to 3 months. So, fingers and toes crossed that our little frostie is our take home baby. 

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