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More pics of the monkeys

Posted by smc , 22 July 2011 · 1711 views

Hi everyone, I decided to update some pics of the little onesI can't believe how fast time is flying!  They are already 10 weeks old!     Daddy and Chey & Austin at a wedding  Day at the pool


Some pics

Posted by smc , 14 June 2011 · 3287 views

Hi all, I just thought I would post some pics in my blog instead of posting them in individual threads.  Here are my little monkeys!  They are doing really well!  Gaining weight, eating well and changing everyday!


They are here!!!

Posted by smc , 16 May 2011 · 2442 views

Just a quick entry to post some pics of my little munchkins!  Cheyenne Aleksandra and Austin Charles arrived on May 11th 2011 at 11:41 & 11:43pm!  Cheyenne weighed 4lbs13oz and Austin was 4lbs11oz!  They were born at 33w2d.  Here is Cheyenne and a pic of big brother William with his buddy and little brother Austin.


Looking for some knowledge!

Posted by smc , 10 January 2011 · 2576 views

Hi everyone!  I feel like it has been forever since I blogged!  I was just wondering if anyone had a similar experience to what is going on with my Baby A???  (Baby A is now being lovingly referred to as my problem child) :P The Dr. called today and said that Baby A has only 2 vessels in it's cord and that it is missing an artery in it.  I hav...


Really Quick Update

Posted by smc , 23 December 2010 · 1497 views

I just wanted to let everyone know that we got the results back from Baby A's testing and there are no chromosomal abnormalities!!!!  What a great Christmas present!  We still have to do an u.s on both of their hearts at sick kids with a cardiologist but I am feeling so optimistic!!!!!  Wishing 2011 is a year th...



Posted by smc , 22 December 2010 · 1079 views

I am officially on bed rest.  The bleeding has started up again (but not the clotting which I think is a good thing).  I will try to check in on the site whenever I can escape DH's wrath of me not being in bed LOL  Maybe my bed prison guard (DH) will buy me a laptop.... ah to dream!  Happy Holidays Everyone!


Is so thankful that there is a God who listens! TMI alert!

Posted by smc , 22 December 2010 · 1812 views

So the last few days have been very difficult days but have truly made me appreciate everyone in my life a lot more!  On Monday we decided to go ahead with a CVS on Baby A only (although there is now some concern with baby B as well having a thickened NT). Shortly after the procedure I started to bleed.  They preformed a quick u.s just to be sure both...



Posted by smc , 14 December 2010 · 1719 views

Yep, ugh sums it right up nicely! We met with our RE this morning to get the news for certain that there was something funny with the results for baby A.  He said that the fluid at the back of the neck was thick and that there was a "wall" in the back of the neck.  He called it a sept-something or other.  I wish I wrote it down so I can google...


High nuchal translucency measurements

Posted by smc , 10 December 2010 · 2589 views

Hi everyone!  It has been forever since I posted!  I was just wondering if any of the ladies out there with singletons or twins had a high measurement of the nuchal translucency and what the outcome was?  I had my IPS screening today and my Baby A's measurement was 3.9 at around 11 weeks 5 days.  I understand that this is pretty high.  Baby B...



Posted by smc , 05 November 2010 · 1670 views

:banana:   :banana:  It's twice the fun!!!!!!!!  There was 2 sacs and 2 tiny heartbeats!!!  :banana:   :banana: My only concern is that one of the sacs is funny shaped.  It is kind of flat on top but I am thinking and hoping that maybe it is because of my c-section scar???  Has anyone had a funny shaped gest...

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