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IUI for over 35's can be successful!

Posted by abundant love , 30 December 2015 · 4018 views

iui over 35 iui success

IUI over 35 was a success for me
I've been meaning to write this for such a long time because I waited for such a long time to be able to do so. I am not even going to post the whole shebang because, really, my goal here is to inspire and encourage others, not write a novel.
I had a successful IUI at age 36 using donor sperm. It took 3 attempts. I gave birth, naturally, to my perfectly healthy baby girl when I was 37.
After many years of ICSI failures and cancelled cycles, we did it. We took the step towards donor sperm because of severe MFI and haven't looked back. We totally overcame the odds of IUI at an "advanced maternal age", considering I only have one tube and am not a great responder.
The magic formula was clomid, letrozole, and estrace.
We know how blessed we are and feel like we caught some magic wave of luck. I fully expected it to fail. I even had a shot of tequila on my birthday, right when bubs was implanting. 2 days later we got the long-awaited BFP. I was full of doubt and fear pretty much right to the day she was born - I even asked the midwives several times if there was really a baby in there!!
I went through COUNTLESS entries on Google, searching for hope and inspiration (even though we're all told to stay away from the internet...yeah right). I wanted to read success stories and found myself even re-reading some just to convince myself that it was possible.
I pray for anyone who is going through this hellish journey to succeed and come out in one piece. May your hearts heal and may your bundle be someday soon in your arms, one way or another. I just wanted to give my story of success to possibly inspire even the teeniest flame of hope in someone's heart.
Abundant Love

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Congrats Abundant Love! I am starting to be cautiously optimistic, that it might work for me too this way....which I never thought it would

Congratulations! So glad to hear of your success!

Congrats that it worked for you! I have had a couple of friends that it worked for as well!!

Congratulation sweet. So nice to read stories like yours!! xx

Congratulations!  I need to hear good news today.  I had follicle response, but it was empty???

Mar 18 2016 07:39 AM

Amazing story. Congratulation guys!! 

Hope my story will have happy end too

Amazing and Congrats!! I have been also advised IVF. Hope it is also successful.

Congrats. You did it.
Edna J. Curry
Sep 10 2017 03:07 AM

Hi my dear, it is such a good news that you are pregnant. It is one of the most wonderful moments of any women’s life to become a mother. When it comes to having a beautiful baby in life, your life completely changes and you find new feelings and happiness in your life.Congratulations!!! Im happy to hear you finally got your reward for trying so hard and not giving up. Im quite sure you will be an amazing mother.

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