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The Next Step...

Posted by brneyedgirl , 27 May 2010 · 690 views

Well I just got home from my appointment with Dr. H. It went just as i had expected. He mentioned how my last cycle was good and he's upset that it didnt happen for us. Our options are:1) Try another cycle with him, it would be a low stim cycle. But we would only get maybe one egg, two if we were really lucky. Our chances are 5% to 10%.2) Adption were...


This made my day

Posted by brneyedgirl , 05 May 2010 · 813 views

I have three co-workers who work in my department with me and I've shared my journey with them. Just so it would make it easier to get the time off for appointmets. My manager also went thru what i'm going thru and she totally understands. She has one child that she ended up having naturally after trying all the treatments as well. So I hope you c...


I can see it but I can't reach it...

Posted by brneyedgirl , 30 June 2009 · 771 views

Well, IUI cycle #6 CANCELLED. I went in on Sunday which was day 3 and they found a cyst on both ovaries. They were worried about the one on the right so they told me to hold off on the puregon and go in on day 5. So I went in today and the cyst has gotten a bit bigger so they cancelled this cycle and are putting me on marvelon for a month. This is getting...


IUI #5

Posted by brneyedgirl , 05 June 2009 · 100 views

Well just had Day 18 bloodwork and ultrasound and this cycle is cancelled. I have follicles but they don't seem to be responding to the femara either. So we start another cycle got my prescription for provera. I go back to see my RE on Monday hopefully we'll be doing puregon. As I sat in the waiting room this morning i kept telling myself, i'm...



Posted by brneyedgirl , 05 May 2009 · 754 views

I can't believe that it is going to be 3 years that we have been trying to have a child. It seems like i'm no further along either. I haven't had my first IUI yet. I just can't seem to get to the stage where they say ok lets proceed. I had four failed cycles on clomid that didn't work. I had to stop treatments for 4 months because of m...


To be called Daddy

Posted by brneyedgirl , 16 March 2009 · 399 views

Last night me and my husband were lying in bed talking about how nice it would be to have one, two or three babies. What we would name them and how we would react to having more than one or even just one. Then my husband mentioned something that pulled at my heart strings as usual. He say "it would be so nice to be called Daddy instead of uncle Phil....


Back on the fertility road

Posted by brneyedgirl , 06 March 2009 · 457 views

Well I finally got the go ahead from my endocrinologist to continue with my fertility treatments. I finally got my blood sugar controlled after 4 months. All the blood test can back and everything is ok. I have lost 6 pounds and counting. Now its all up to the fertility clinic. I am so excited. It's funny how sometimes the little things make me happy.


How do you deal with that feeling?

Posted by brneyedgirl , 03 February 2009 · 475 views

You know the one i'm talking about. The one where it seems everyone around is getting pregnant and your still waiting. Or your watching tv and a diaper commercial pops up and you think I would love to change diapers(bring on the poop). For some reason everywhere I turn I see babies. I feel like walking around with a sign NO MORE BABIES. So share with...


I don't know what to feel anymore.

Posted by brneyedgirl , 15 January 2009 · 461 views

I was diagnosed last month with diabetes. Just recently I went to go see my endocrinologist and she put me on insulin. I know this is for my own good and the good of getting pregnant.  But my emotions are all over  the map. I'm angry, sad, frustrated and lonely. I don't know what to feel anymore. Oh and the constant asking myself "why me"...

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