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Pregnancy update with 12w pics

Posted by babatime , 31 May 2010 · 2398 views

It has a been a long time since I blogged, and I have been quiet on the boards as well. I have to say that I have been very lucky and blessed with this pregnancy so far physically. Had a little queasiness from 6 w to 8-9 w and mostly the only problems I am having is the texture of meat protein. Just can't seem to swallow it, but even that is getting better. Weight gain was a concern of mine, but I seem to be on track with that too. 10 lb for the first 12 weeks I think is great for me as I was a little underweight to start with.

So why have I been quiet you might ask?

We where really flying high after the viability scan but for me it only took a couple of days before fear and doubt set in. Mentally this last five weeks was the most challenging in my life so far. My brain just couldn't get rapped around the thought that this might actually work. I am still working on this. I don't know how to trust that this could happen for us.
I come on the boards and read but can't post or reply to anything. It's either foggy brain or worry thoughts that accompanying my visits. I refuse to put my worries down, I don't want to see them nor remember them once I get through them.
So here I am apologizing to everyone of you wonderful Ladies for the lack of my support of you for the past five weeks. I hope sometimes soon I will regain some confidence and become more active and supporting once again.

Today was our 12 weeks NT scan. DH and I got to the appointment 20 minutes early, which is to my liking. Unfortunately they where running late and I was getting really uncomfortable. I had to pee, I was hungry and that was making me grumpy and angry LOL. Finally we where called in, I was holding my breath pretty much until I saw something on the screen. And There it was! There was something! I was still pregnant and the babe looked like a babe! My left eye started to leak LOL, no control or feeling of wanting to cry, the tears was just rolling down my face from the left eye.

It was amazing! DH was holding my hand and he had an ear to ear smirk on his face. We had an hour long session. Baby A was waving at us, it was so cute, and has a heart beat of 157 pm and is measuring 62.2 mm. Baby B is our shy little one with a heart rate of 147 pm and is measuring 60.0 mm. Hiding from the sonographer. He/she completely mooned us and would not give in to let us have good measurements for NT. We had three go at it. I went to empty my bladder twice, plus the sonographer was banging my tummy with the probe trying to make Baby B move. LOL and then I had to turn on my side and she totally pushed the probe in, but finally got a good NT measurement. I find it funny then, but now I'm thinking hey WTH? You where just hitting my babe in there. A bit slow, aren't I? Hope my reaction time will get better by the time they get here LOL.

All in all we had good results. We have a higher risk of complication from having an amnio then the chance of finding issues with the babies. So DH and I both agree that we don't need that. We will get the 18 weeks detailed ultrasound and that will lower our chance hopefully even farther.

Here are a few pics.
Thanks for reading,
Love and blessingsAttached Image: Baby A.jpg

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  • Attached Image: Baby B.jpg
  • Attached Image: Baby B mooning.jpg

Isn't it amazing to see? Congrats Kat!
Such an incredible blessing times TWO! CONGRATS Kat!

Hey, looks like baby B has brain! LOL
Amazing post! I feel the same about not believing it yet. I'm 10 weeks and having a scan at 10 weeks 3 days this week. I'm hoping that will fill me with a bit more confidence. Your babies really do look like babies now! So exciting, congratulations again :)
Beautiful pics Kat....i'm so sooooooooooo happy for you! :)
May 31 2010 10:24 PM
Yay Kat. That's so awesome!
Awesome pictures!! So exciting :) I'm so happy for you both.
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Thank you for giving me hope. I love seeing U/S pics! Congratulations!
May 31 2010 11:05 PM
They are just beautiful Kat. I am so happy for you both.
awww, congrats! they are darling!
Awww Congrats Kat!! Beautiful pics!
Yipee! So happy things are going well - you deserve it! As for the anxiety and feeling like it's not real, well worry is part and parcel of the mummy job description! I also think that having gone through as much as you've gone through to get where you are means that you're not going to believe it's really real for a long time. At least that's how it is for me (and I haven't had half the hurdles you've had). I can't believe Lila's real and if she is, I can't believe she's really here and even if she is, I can't believe she's really here with me, lol.
I know your feelings :)

The babes are beautiful!!

Congrats :)
Congrats Kat!!! Beautiful babes :)

And don't worry about those feelings, they are normal. I am now over 31 weeks and still rub my belly in the a.m. to see if its "really" there...or was it all a dream.
Oh Kat, congratulations. The angels are looking after you xxx
Jun 01 2010 07:20 AM
I love the bum shot! Baby buns are the cutest! Congrats.
amazing! congrats that is so awesome!
That's wonderful, I'm very happy for you & DH Kat. Congratulations! :)
So incredibly pumped for you!! Your reaction to being pregnant is totally normal. I felt the same way too...I couldn't believe it until I was about 28 weeks along. But unlike you, I blogged my way through it - that was my own personal coping mechanism - but I understand that everybody is different. Like I said to Toronto28, pls keep us updated as we want to cheer you on in same way that you supported people like me when I was pregnant! Your u/s pics just brought back memories of my own NT scan on our twins- seems like it was yesterday, but now we have two chubby babies who say "mama" and who are eating us out of house and home, lol. It really does happen that fast, so enjoy every moment of your pregnancy.

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