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And then there is.............

Posted by babatime , 23 April 2010 · 2696 views

The lead up the ultrasound was a little more than nerve racking to say the least. I picked on DH last night and this morning just for a sake of doing something to release the anxiety. However I think he forgot all about it in that ultrasound room. His eyes where so big, I have never seen them open that wide.
We are over the moon happy!!! And frightened at the same time. I am 5'3 and 104 lb scared out of my pants, yet praying as hard as I can for a healthy pregnancy.

And then there is TWO!!! In the right place.. the picture shows one is smaller, but it is not, they are the same size, just one is behind the other.

"The fetuses size on today's ultrasound are at the lower end, likely due to the twin pregnancy" The report reads.....

Please keep your prayers coming for our little ones well being.

Thanks for reading
Love and blessing

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OMG Kat!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THAT IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!! :) :) It's all about the perfect timing isn't it? I knew when I finally got pregnant with our twins that all the waiting had been worth it for this one moment in time. ENJOY your "MOMENT" and rub your belly! :)

Tears of Joy for you darling!

WHAT A WEEK on, first Capo, then you! Miracles everywhere!!!

Apr 23 2010 02:49 PM
Ohmygosh Kat! What wonderful news :) :) :) Congratulations to you and DH!!
Kat...that is great news...all this time
waitingfor 1 and there is 2..congrats!!!
Apr 23 2010 03:01 PM
OMG congrats thats so awesome. :)
YAY!!! CONGRATS TO ALL {{{ 4 }}} OF YOU!!!!!!! I will continue to keep your miracles in my prayers!
Apr 23 2010 03:07 PM
Kat I am so happy for you. :)
Congrats! Enjoy every moment!
WOOHOO!!!!! So excited for you!!!!! :) Congratulations!!!!
I just logged on hoping to hear the good news and here it is. WOOHOO! Congrats!!! I am so happy for you and your DH.
OMG Kat!! Thats amazing news!
congrats, congrats. omg - amazing Kat. AMAZING!!!! :)
I am so happy for you Kat! Congrats, congrats. I am so happy that I start crying.
OMG!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
Amazing news Kat! :) I am so excited and happy for you!



SOOOOO happy for you
OH KAT -That is so fantastic! It is all good and will remian that way. I have been thinking about you all day - can you believe it is twins!!!
That is so amazing!!! Congratulations! :) :)
So Super Excited for you and DH!!! Congratulations!!!! :) :) :)
That is incredible news! I'm so excited for you! :)
Congrats Kat you've been doubly blessed!

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