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Meeting GP's substitute

Posted by babatime , 19 April 2010 · 1632 views

I met with my GP's substitute today. ( my beloved GP is away for unknown period of time, maybe until middle of may which would put me at ten weeks if all is well)
Well, lets just say that she is a nice enough Lady with not much knowledge of infertility or infertility treatments.
So basically my ten minutes allowed appointment with her was over very quickly with informing her about our treatment and that all testing from now on is covered by healthcare.

She was nice enough to fit me in for another appointment ( double in length) for monday to explain fridays ultrasound results if I am able to get it from the tech and bring it with me to the appointment. She was also kind enough to say that she will refer me to a high-risk OB as I am 40 and this is a very "wanted pregnancy".
Yup, when I told her I am pregnant from a frozen embryo transfer, she said : so this is "really wanted"

She will have all forms filled out and requisitions ready for NT scan and such by next mondays appointment. Lets just hope and pray that I will need them too!!

TMI warning!

As for spotting, it is quite a bit better now. The beautiful sea foam green discharge from prometrium and estrace has not yet returned to it's full color of glory, but it is close enough for me to make it through the days with a sigh of some relief.
Back aches and cramps are not so intense and comes and goes as it pleases.
All in all I feel much better then the last two days. My only wish is that my appetite would return for two.

Thank you everyone for your kind support and messages, you have no idea how much it's appreciated! I can never thank you enough.

So now we wait a little more four more sleeps to be exact, for that ultrasound to see if ChickPeaSprout is holding on for dear life.
Until then we "Keep the faith and living on love for the unborn"

Thanks for reading
Love and blessings

((Kat and ChickPeaSprout)) Keeping fingers crossed (please, please, PLEASE!). So happy the new Dr is positive/proactive and sensitive/sensible.
Because I said so ;)

Chickpea&sprout are going to make it...You are going to be a mommy :)

XO hun...
Kat- I'm so relieved to hear you are ok and that things are settling down. Four more sleeps until we will all breathe a little easier.
Thank Goodness, I logged on first thing this morning to read your update! You are in my prayers sweety!!!

I wish you all the best and praying for you and your little ones.
I'm so glad that the news is a little better today and can't wait for it to be much better on Friday. The GP's comment about how much this was a 'wanted pregnancy' bought a little tear to my eye. What a lovely under-statement! If only she knew how many of us beyond you and your DH are out here wanting all to be well for you.
Saffy, I did tell her that.... six years, 30000$ and a boatload of people and prayers got us where we are today!
She was nice.
Apr 19 2010 03:50 PM
(((((((((((((((((((((chocolate hugs))))))))))))))))))))))

Love and blessings,

I have been thinking about you a lot today. It seems to me that all is well again :) No news is good news Kat and you are pregnant ;) ;) :)
I am so happy to hear better news and waiting anxiously for the news that will give you peace of mind in 4 sleeps! (((hugs)))
I cant wait to hear Kat!! Make sure you take it easy :)
Ever Hopeful
Apr 20 2010 07:35 AM
Friday could not come soon enough I'm sure, glad you are feeling a bit releived.

Take good care of you!
I am so glad to hear everything is going better for you!!!

Keep us updated :Emoticons01015:

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