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Posted by babatime , 03 November 2009 · 718 views

Okay... so I am not one to get immunized at all since I was a child. I almost find it funny that "they" tried to blow pandemic out of bird-flu a few years back and get people panicked and make them wear masks!! didn't work... There was big commercial BS about it.... Where did it go? Bird flu is still out there. So will H1N1 in a couple of years.....
So here it comes again in a different form. You are panicked to get some things in your body that will save your life!! Aren't you the one who knows what your body needs??
I am so not against to help you in anyway..... But did you needed the help before "they" come up with that you need help????
Well what I understand ... is that you need to get vaccinated for H1N1.... And when the supply don't meet demand please don't worry, carry on with your life unless your high risk......

Thousand of people die of cancer, heart disease and others. There has been a handful of people gone too soon to bird flu and H1N1 diseases ............... I know

I think this whole pandemic will go down in history depending on how you want your last days to bee. Yesterday is the Past, TODAY IS PRESENT, Tomorrow is not promised........

Please I don't want to go on and on for no reason.

Thanks for reading.
Love and blessings

So many things are hyped it's hard to know what's real and what isn't. The last time I had the flu I'm convinced I got it from a flu shot. There is a Y2K feel about this, however with my luck I'll get this darn H1N1 and it will knock me on my butt.
Good Fortune
Nov 03 2009 08:26 AM
I am not recommending the Swine Flu jab to anyone. I had it this morning and now I've got AF way early.
So I'm most cheesed off with it!
Nov 03 2009 09:41 AM
I know "they" say that in a normal flu season for the whole year, about 44-60 children die of flu complications. In comparison, H1N1 so far has taken over 100 children (22 of them last week)and the flu season has just started. That is why there is panic. THAT being said....who is to say the shot isn't worse than what the flu would do to you? Only God knows...so it is such a personal decision. So many people are split on this, bigtime. What if the shot doesn't even keep you from getting H1N1 anyway? I have never in my life had any flu shots...but am considering this one, then I change my mind. I even waited for one just to be turned away,(they ran out of them)so not sure what to do if the opportunity arises again. Maybe I will try for one again. Then again, what if that was fate's way of protecting me from a shot I shouldn't get? It's so tough to know what to do sometimes.
I had both the seasonal and the H1N1 - I've gotten flu shots in the past, although not every year. I'm not convinced that H1N1 is all the media is making it out to be, but there does seem to be something happening over and above what we usually see with seasonal flu and, given the possible outcomes of coming down with it on me and/or the fetus, I'm happier having it and not having to worry every time someone sneezes near me.
This is a very stressful subject. I am not a worrier and I have never gotten flu shots since I was a child either. I never even really considered it until I read about someones cycle being cancelled, then I started hearing about ALL the deaths, across the world. All countries are vaccinating.... Uk, Germany, USA, Canada, France, Spain...Like everything in life, you do not know until you know. Broad sweeping statements do not work in every situation. You cannot stand in my shoes and I cannot stand in yours, everyone needs to make their own decision. This flu is very real, just ask the parents of the 13 year old that was buried yesterday.You do not really know what you would do if you had 3 small children under 3 1/2 to care for and I do not know what I would do if I had none. Children that attend playschool are very susceptable to catching whatever the other children bring. This is a topic best debated by the Doctors that know all sides. :flowers: Blessings xoxox
Nov 03 2009 12:27 PM
Im not getting it. I dont want to risk putting a vaccine in my body and potentially hurt my baby when I dont know exactly the risks. I am going to be diligent about preventing the flu but on my own terms (hand washing, gargling, etc.)
Since this is my TWW, I will not get the shot just yet. (Not that it is available to me anyways). I too have concerns about the lack of studies on this shot (mercury etc) with unborn children and developing fetus's.
I agree and would NEVER have the shot in early pregnancy, not before I was at least 20 weeks. I believe that is what they are recommending??? Thankfully I just had mine and will not have to debate it in my head any longer.
I am starting to cycle in a few days and was not recommended to get the shot so close to cycling. I could have fever with in the next three weeks and they don't want that to happen around ET.
I am just kind fed up with the way its handled. They instill the fear into everyone and then with the short supplies now they tell you don't worry if you can't get it.
Still not sure what I should do. BLAH!
I'm sick of the medical community making people sound irresponsible for not taking untested drugs and/or vaccinations. I would never have injected or ingest any untested drugs the medical community deems "safe" into my body ever again. Been there, done that, paid the price.

I don't believe anyone should take any drugs during pregnancy AT ALL. Does nobody remember Thalidomide or DES? These were all deemed "safe" to take during pregnancy and had horrific results.

I advise everyone do your research and make sure you will be comfortable with your decision should it go horribly wrong.
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