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All healthy...NIPT test was negative..pheww

Posted by Mikkie , 08 January 2015 · 1664 views
ivf, nipt
Happy Newyear to all you lovely ladies out there, and I hope it will be a year full of enjoyment, love and happiness.
I had my NIPT test before the Christmas holidays. A ûber-expensive bloodtest, new to Europe and not covered by the insurance, but non invasive and it can determine a Down syndrome baby. Docters do not like to do the amnio anymo...


It's....a boy (95% sure)

Posted by Mikkie , 17 December 2014 · 1305 views
Dear all,
A little msg before the holiday. I hope you are all good in CA, not too cold, enjoying the great Christmas vibe and decorations. Here in Belgium it is dark, grey and wet, nothing anyone wants really. But we plough through and know that that too will pass.
I am at 15 weeks now, and it is slowly starting to show. The kids at school were I work don...


Peanut became ...Teddy(bear)

Posted by Mikkie , 24 November 2014 · 1377 views
Dear all,
The little peanut is officially now formed into a Teddy(bear) and had now been baptised Teddy. It's 3.5 cm and has 2 arms and 2 legs. Officially heard the heartbeat, so cool.
I am off the hormones and that is just a blessing, feel so much better, calmer and together. Life is actually quite the same. Have no symptoms, sometimes a few cramp...


Blame it on the .... Hormones....for everything :-)

Posted by Mikkie , 13 November 2014 · 1162 views
ivf, hormones
Now, I am quite a stable person, but this has just reversed my stability.  My emotions are like a confetti blaster....all over the place and so over the top as well. You almost just have to point at me and I can start crying.
Not helping that my car broke down and that my best male friend has decided he needs to piss in my g...


Little alien :-)

Posted by Mikkie , 04 November 2014 · 1544 views
ivf, single
Dear all,
Had a week holiday with my 3 cousins, my goodness a handful, and I was so tired. Parents are ok. Dad is a bit confused and does not really know how to react. Keeps asking 'how do you feel'. Mom seems to get a better understanding of everything, now that I have explained to her the whole procedure and the ordure we have to go through when it fail...


the WAUW factor

Posted by Mikkie , 24 October 2014 · 1599 views
OMGGGGGGG, there is a little beating heart, going about 200x a minute (no idea really). This was a crucial moment she said, all could have gone wrong here if there was not that beating little blob.
While I am lying in the famous uncomfortable stirrups, the doctor is so happy, she hugs me while I am half naked. Literary she told me it is a real mira...


State of mind

Posted by Mikkie , 23 October 2014 · 1325 views
ivf, single, donor
I guess I have to say almost 8 weeks now, but I still say 5. The books make you count from the first day of your period , that would have been 02/09. Pick up was 19/09 and placement of the little Peanut was 22/09.
Since then I have been a nervous ball of worry, something that is apparently normal.
I am very grateful of all the nice responses on this site....


Social changes

Posted by Mikkie , 17 October 2014 · 1344 views
IVF, social life
I have not been going out or entertaining much the last few months.  A, because I did not have the energy and B, no funds either. But last night I went to an Art Fair organised by a 'friend' of mine.
I am not sure this is normal, but suddenly my social skills have plummeted....how uninteresting some people become , how superficial, selfish a...


Some small advice

Posted by Mikkie , 15 October 2014 · 1294 views
acupuncture, ivf
Dear all,
I wanted to mention this in my first writing, but it slipped my mind. I actually got some advice from a lady that is 44 and trying to have a baby.
She told me to , leave the alcohol (a given), leave the chocolate (an impossible) and take some acupuncture & massages.
I have taken 3 acupuncture sessions with a Chinese man. I am not sure if it...


The little peanut is planted

Posted by Mikkie , 14 October 2014 · 1723 views
Single, IVF, donor
I have never written a blog before. But I figure, I need some kindred spirits out there. I am 42, single and after 3 IVF, this time it is the Jackpot. It has only been 3 weeks since implantation, but there is a little blob. I call it the Peanut.
I always thought I would have children, with a wonderful man that would adore me, be financially stable,...

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