IVF and Taxes

Canadian fertility patients are eligible to claim the cost of treatments and medications (those not already covered or reimbursed by insurance) through a non-refundable medical tax credit. Unlike a tax deduction, which is used to reduce taxable income, a non-refundable tax credit is used to offset the tax liability of net taxable income. Either spouse can make a claim for each other. Evaluate who can claim the highest amount and ensure the credit will offset other tax amounts owed/paid.

Establish the Claim Period

IVF Funding - Discriminatory Ontario Practice

A GlobalTV interview hilites the discriminatory policy of Ontario healthcare, which covers IVF treatments in part only for women with dual blocked tubes. No other causes are covered. Men with no ability to produce sperm and can only produce with medical intervention are also not covered. The interview also discusses IVF funding practices on a global scale which questions the progressiveness of Canada compared to many other countries.