Top 5 Reported Infertility Diagnoses

For nearly 8 years we've encouraged members to report their primary infertility diagnosis. Here are the top 5 reported causes.

26% - Male Factor

25% - Unexplained 

13% - Tubal

10% - PCOS

8% - Endometriosis

For members, perhaps the most frustrating of categories is Unexplained Infertility, which is really the lack of a diagnosis. It could be that more complex multiple factors are at work, including relationship factors, or more in-depth testing is required. Nevertheless the continued lack of pregnancy success remains a mystery. For some it could be as simple as bad luck.

The good news is unexplained infertility means fertility health appears normal. However, when success continues to be elusive so too is the formula for success. "Lets try this in case it's that" can be a costly IVF journey, both financially and emotionally.

For those who move from the unexplained category to an identifiable cause there can be psychological relief, even if the outlook for success is a challenge. A solid diagnosis can help alleviate feelings of personal blame.

The quantity and or quality of male sperm leads the way in member reported diagnosed infertility. Unlike female factors which are segmented into multiple categories, male factor encompasses the majority of mens fertility issues. The leading high tech treatment for male factor is ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).