Sherry Levitan Joins Expert Panel

Canada's pre-eminent fertility lawyer Sherry Levitan has joined the Expert Panel. Ms Levitan leads the forum "Ask The Fertility Lawyer" assisting those with general questions relating to legal aspects of third-party reproduction. 

Ms Levitan practices in the field of third-party reproductive law and provides legal advice to intended parents, surrogates, ovum donors and embryo donors. She is also counsel to several Canadian infertility clinics and has been invited to testify before the federal Standing Committee of Health and to participate in workshops and other programs sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Health in developing guidelines for the practice of third party reproduction. Ms. Levitan is frequently consulted as the Canadian expert in the area by American attorneys and US clinics.

Ms Levitan is located in Toronto and is an acting director of the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada. is free on-line infertility social and advisory network. It includes a forum for peer-to-peer donor and surrogacy support and a section called "Donor Connect" which allows free bulletin-style ad placements for those seeking altruistic donors/surrogates and to those offering altruistic services. With the addition of Ms Levitan's fertility law forum, provides Canadians with a diverse set of third-party reproduction support and resource tools.