Complementary Health

Stress and Infertility

Everyone hears that stress can have a negative impact on your fertility and reproductive health, but have you ever wondered exactly how? Stress seems like such an abstract term, and not long ago the entire medical profession underestimated its effect on our health. We now know so much about the profound effects stress can have on our physiology and reproductive health. In fact, stress is one of the leading causes of all disease. It is likely that it has a major role to play in cases of unexplained infertility and can aggravate nearly any other reproductive health diagnosis.

Can You Turn Back Your Biological Clock?

Until now western reproductive medicine has maintained that aging and egg quality is an irreversible process.  A new study from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on Co Q 10 and egg quality, presented at the Canadian Fertility and Andrology 2011 conference, suggests that it may be possible to improve egg quality and slow down the aging process.

At this point the study has just been done in mice, but researchers feel the work looks promising and are about to launch a study in humans. 

10 Ways For Women to Prepare For IVF

IVF is a big investment, emotionally, physically and financially.  Who wouldn’t want to do everything possible to optimize their outcome?  Every day I have patients who ask me what they can do to prepare for an IVF cycle with nutrition, lifestyle and supplements.  There are in fact several health changes you can make on your own which do make a difference.  

East Meets West

Increasingly, however, the schism between Eastern and Western medicine appears to be closing. Many leading IVF clinics in the US and Great Britain offer acupuncture services, including on-site acupuncture support for IVF transfer. While Canada is still catching up, in my practice I have seen a remarkable change in the relationship between our clinic and local IVF clinics. I now regularly communicate with REs about patient care.