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OHSS protocol

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#1 Nikki2670

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 04:16 PM

Just wondering if anyone at risk for OHSS has had success with a certain protocol? For my last retrieval I was on gonal f, menopur and cetrotide with a lupron trigger. Went in to the retrieval with over 20 follicles and he only got 2 eggs, that the embryologist called "poor quality" :( I'm so disappointed right now and I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems, or success stories to share. Thanks!

#2 Ola1981

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 09:36 PM

I used the same protocol as you....3 times... I have 2 children from those cycles. Maybe they triggered too soon??? What does your re think?? You could also ask about using coenzyme Q10 for a few months before your next cycle....it's supposed to help with egg quality...
Good luck!
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#3 Nikki2670

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 10:23 PM

Thanks so much for your reply Ola. I have my follow up apt in a couple of weeks so hopefully we'll be able to go over everything and make a plan for next time. i was on COq10 before and he started carrying a new vitamin to take instead. I will make such that I'm on all of the proper vitamins. I'll do anything that I can to increase my chance of success!

#4 Watermelon

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 04:36 PM

I fine RES are generally quite hesitant to do anything besides an antagonist protocol on women at high risk of OHSS. They want to avoid triggering with Hcg. It's understandable...my cousin just went through ivf in the US and ended up hospitalized with her organs shutting down from severe ohss.

My first ivf I had 20+ mature follicles and 7 mature eggs. Not as bad as you, but still horrible. This time, my RE put me on an antagonist protocol again and triggered me with Lupron BUT he added 1000 units of hcg to my trigger (10000 is typical, but far too dangerous for me). The result was having nearly all my eggs mature.

Unfortunately, the cycle did not end well in terms of success, but it was certainly night and day in terms of maturity.
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Me -29 31- unexplained poor egg quality. I was told I had endometriomas.....but repeat ultrasounds at other clinics have said no sign of endometriomas. Maybe PCOS-like ovaries, but no PCOS - AMH, AFC are great. No one can explain why my eggs are so poor sad.png

DH 30 - severe teratospermia, count and motility are excellent.

May 2014 - 2.5mg femara - BFN (ovulated night before)

June 2014 - IUI with 5mg femara - BFN (ovulated night before)

August 2014 - IVF with ICSI - Antagonist protocol, 150Bravelle, 75 menopur, stimmed 8 days

- 19 follicles (all 15-22mm at trigger), 12 eggs retrieved, 7 mature,, 5 fertilized with ICSIsad.png

- only 7 mature eggs with an estrogen of 20000?! wtf?! Sigh...Freeze All

-only one BB Blast made it. Freeze "all" became "freeze one". All others arrested between day 3 and 4 sad.png

January 2015 - FET of lone embryo - c'mon little figher

- BFP!!! Beta 1 475 at 10dp5dt , Beta 2 - 1495 at 12dp5dt

Baby boy born Sept 28/15

#5 Red Wine

Red Wine
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Posted 16 February 2017 - 01:47 PM

I didn't get OHSS and I had about 23 eggs retrieved so OHSS may not always happen. My doctor thought I would get it but I didn't.

My question would be why you only got two mature eggs with so many follicles. I had many follicles during my IVF cycle but the eggs were not growing so they upped my Puregon (Gonal F or Puregon are the estrogen drugs used for IVF). They upped the Puregon to get the eggs to grow and I triggered with 5000 units of hcg instead of 10000. I had about 16 or 18 mature eggs out of the 23 retrieved.

OHSS can be serious but you may not get it. Or you may get a mild cause. Some people who doctors don't think will get OHSS end up with OHSS. IVF treatment and individual responses to the drugs are so variable.

Best of luck.
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#6 lumnay

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 07:04 PM

Nikki2670, like Watermelon I also had antagonist protocol with Lupron as a trigger as well as very small amount of HCG(Pregnyl). Lupron was my trigger because I was deemed high risk for OHSS. On a regular month, I usually have at least a dozen of follicles each side.

In the end they only got ~23 eggs, 17 were mature, 12 fertilized and only 9 made it to day 5. I feel like it's the close monitoring of my RE and his smart decision to slowly increase the meds that gave me success. I had one fresh transfer and 4 frozen transfer. Most of my embryos were AA, AB, and two BB ranging from 5-3. None of them were PGS tested so I don't know how good they all are. So far the 4th FET is successful as I'm 16w4d pregnant. I took lots of CoQ10 months before the fresh cycle and ate healthy. I don't know if that made any difference but that's what I did.

In my limited experience, I learned that my body likes low dose stims to produce eggs. I used Puregon, Menopur, Orgalutran, and Lupron. When it comes to Progesterone and Estrogen, my body likes a natural cycle.

Sorry if I gave you too much information. If you proceed with another cycle, I wish that it will give you success and result in a healthy pregnancy.

Please always ask for more information from your RE and advocate for yourself. If you are not happy with them, you can always try to get second opinion or even switch clinics.

All the best!

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