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FET Question After Failed IVF/ICSI

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#1 MissyBaby

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 03:15 PM

Hello Dr. Hartman - Unfortunately, I just found out today that my IVF failed. My beta was negative.


I have 1 frozen embryo (3AA) at Trio and was wondering how quickly I can do a transfer. Do I have to wait for the next cycle? Can I do it in my upcoming cycle?


Is 3AA a good quality? Will it have a good chance to survive the thaw?

Me (37) Mild PCOS

DH (40) Male Factor, Low Count due to un-descended testicle as a child.

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IVF #1, Oct 2012: 12 Retrieved, 7 Fertilized, 1 made it to Day3. 3dt. 0 Frozen = Chemical Pregnancy

IVF #2, Feb 2017: 11 Retrieved, 10 Fertilized, 4 made it to Day 2.  All 4 made it to Day 5. 5dt (4AA). 1 Frozen = BFN

Current: Tentative FET Transfer Date is March 23, 2017.

#2 DrMichaelHartman

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 03:52 PM

Hi MissyBaby,

I am so sorry to hear it was not successful.

A 3AA embryo indicates that the embryo was frozen as a blastocytst, which is the desired stage on day 5 of development. The number 3 indicates that the blastocyst takes up the entire cavity of the embryo, and AA indicates that the cells are a good number and tightly packed. This all means that you have an embryo that should be of great quality by lab creiteria. A lab using vitrification (like Trio) has excellent rates of survival after thawing, well over 90%. 

I would suggest you call your RE's office to ask when you can try again.

Best of luck in the future

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