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April 2017 FET Buddies

FET April 2017

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#76 gfrench

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Posted Yesterday, 10:35 AM

I transferred today! My beta is April 5. This is my first 2ww and we only had that one embryo...so, no pressure! Now trying to fill up my calendar for the next two weeks to take my mind off it all. I did acupuncture before and after as well as embryo glue. Feel like I've done my part and it is now up to the embryo. 

Good luck!!! Sending lots of positive sticky baby vibes!!
Last TWW I got a book called the sassy girls guide to surviving the tww (or something like that) it gave a challenge everyday to complete. Things like "make a recipe you've never made before". Small, fun tasks everyday really helped pass the time.
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Me- 36, DH- 35

Dx: Male Factor, Possible PCOS


IVF #1 October 2016

22 eggs retrieved, 18 mature, 14 fertilized (ICSI)

Transferred 1 day 5 Blast - BFN

Four Frozen Blasts (1 day 5, 3 day 6)


FET#1 February 2017

Transferred 1 day 5 Blast - BFN cry.gif


#77 BayB Dreams

BayB Dreams
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Posted Yesterday, 06:47 PM

The CCS results are in and ALL 3 came back normal!!!!!yahoo.gif

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2011-surgery to remove endometriosis and adhesions

        -took clomid then tried letrozole with th_abfn.gif 



2012-2 IUI cycles with letrozole with th_abfn.gif 

        -1 IUI cycle with Bravelle and trigger shotth_abfp.gif 


2013-Wonderful Daughter was born


2015-letrozole IUI cycle BFN

        -Bravelle and trigger shot IUI cycle th_abfn.gif 


Switched clinics


2016-surgery to remove endometriosis and adhesions

        -IUI with Menopur and trigger shot th_abfn.gif 

        -IUI with Menopur and trigger shot, cycle cancelled due to too high of a response



Feb 17-25 Estrace 2x daily

Feb 26-?  150iu Menopur, 225 iu Puregon, (added in orgalutron March 2)


Blood work and ultrasound results:

March 2 CD 6:  E2 962 pmol/L

March 5 CD 9 SD 8: E2 3011 pmol/L, Left ovary 15.91mm, 12.54mm, 13.52mm, 10.93mm, Right ovary 10.76mm, 12.71mm, 13.35mm, 10.82mm, Endo 10.34.  Was told there are about 14 follicles growing and it was estimated that about 10 will make it to the right size to contain a mature egg.

March 7 CD 11 SD 10: E2 6081 pmol/L, Left ovary 11.69mm, 16.69mm, 11.82mm, 13.44mm, 12.76mm, 12.22mm, 18.11mm, Right ovary 17.84mm, 14.73mm, 15.03mm, 16.41mm, 14.28mm, 11.55mm, 11.61mm, Endo 15.67.

March 8 CD 12 SD 11: Left ovary 18.48mm, 17.70mm, 19.90mm, 14.89mm, 14.98mm, 18.15mm, Right ovary 19.03mm, 18.99mm, 17.23mm, 13.48mm, 18.76mm, Endo 12.69.


March 10: Egg Retrieval.

#78 schlepp

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Posted Yesterday, 07:29 PM

@gfrench - Great idea! I'm actually super busy so far with a new job offer and potential move. But this wait is tough with no strenuous exercise. I'm just walking a lot but it isn't enough. I've got brutal insomnia. And can't take anything!

@babybdreams - That is amazing!!!!! I don't think I've ever heard of someone having all of their blasts come back normal. Congrats! You must be relieved and very excited!
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See my 'about me' page for treatment history.

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