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January 2017 FET

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#201 Newbegirl500

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Posted Today, 01:37 PM

Thanks Terri, hope this is the month for all of us
You were right, I couldn't help it. I try to be positive now. Hope it goes well to the end :)

#202 Hopefulrealist

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Posted Today, 01:42 PM

Awesome news Sofia and Newbie :).


Chop - FX for an awesome doubling.


2Brides - let us know what your RE says. I know its frustrating when things don't go as planned...hoping you get some answers from your RE.


AFM - Got the call that the transfer is a go. My Matris score was great (SO relieved). Hoping I survive the wait (they still want to give me another HCG dose so can't test for probably 10 days....sigh...)

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Me- 32, DH - 33 34


2 Failed IUIs (2015). 1 Failed IVF (April 2016). IVF#2- Sept 2016 (Freeze all), First FET Jan 2017.

#203 Newbegirl500

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Posted Today, 04:38 PM

Hopefulrealist thanks :)
I think you still can POAS and follow when the hCG is out of you and when it gets darker, although I don't recomend this to anyone. It is like a turture for someone like me but some others will feel much better doing POAS each day. It helps some girls to get through the 2WW!
Good luck with everything.

#204 2Brides

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Posted Today, 05:00 PM

Grrrr. My doctor got called into a surgery and won't be calling until tomorrow now. As though I haven't been watching the ticking clock all day long today and yesterday. 😩

Hopefulrealist- that is awesome news! Fingers crossed it goes well, so that's tomorrow, right?
Me: 37 DW:33
Dx: Tubal
2 Rescue Pups: Samantha Danger "Sam" (5) Harlow (10months)
My IVF: Jan/Feb 2012
ER: 17 follicles, 11 fertilized, 2 Grade A & 2 Grade B Frozen Blasts (for DW to carry in the future)
My Mock Cycle: May 2012 (gained 20lbs- sigh)
DW IVF: July/Aug 2012(She is my Egg Donor)
August 8 - ET: 1 Grade A 5 day Blast Transfered, (4 frozen Blasts)
August 17- Beta #1: 36, really low. Eeek.
August 20- Beta #2: 73, glad it doubled, barely.
August 23- Beta #3: 241, Yay, it tripled!
August 31- First U/S at 6 weeks- no heartbeat yet, just yolk sac present.
Sept 5- 2nd U/S at 6wk5days: HEARTBEAT!
Sept 13- 3rd U/S at 7wk6days: Perfect little baby! Heartbeat 152.
9week U/S: Heartbeat 172, healthy baby, but developed small SCH. Modified bedrest it is.
12wk U/S: Heartbeat 156, healthy wiggly baby, SCH is gone!
18wk4day Full Anatomy U/S: All normal! Heartbeat 138, a very unmodest BOY!💙
39wks5days- 34 hours of labor begins, resulting in a C-section, but Henry Clyde arrives!! April 25, 2013
2014 DW's turn at pregnancy!
Dec 5- Unmedicated FET (I am the egg donor this time)
Dec 12,13, & 14- positive HPTs!
Dec 15 Beta #1 245
Dec 22 Beta #2 9944
Dec 30- First U/S at 6wks2days: One healthy jumping bean with heartbeat at 114
Jan 8- 2nd U/S at 7 wks4days: Gummy bear baby with HB of 150
Feb 12- (12wks4days) Bloodwork comes back that we are having a healthy baby GIRL! Oh my!💗
Aug 31, 2015-Mae Alana arrives!

Try for baby #3 January 2017
-I am attempting a natural unmediated FET