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When should I start?

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Posted 03 October 2016 - 02:36 PM



I am due to start my Stims on October 28.I'm currently on BCP for 21 days to start. I was wondering when was a good time to look into beginning Acupuncture. What can I expect as well in regards to cost?

Undergoing IVF with PGD to prevent passing on Neurofibromatosis Type 1


heart.gif Our Journey:heart.gif 


??/??/10 -  I am diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1, we discover I have a 50% chance of passing it on. Upon learning more about the   disorder we decide IVF with PGD would be our route to have kids in order to prevent passing it on. We consult with Dr. Haebe at  OFC to learn more, but aren't yet ready to start. We make a plan to save up.


  • 06/02/12 - Our Wedding Day!
  • 12/??/15 - Ontario announced funded IVF cycles, we can get the ball rolling!
  • 11/25/15 - Consultation @ OFC.
  • 01/08/16 - IVF and PGD Consent Signed for Ontario Funded Cycle. (We pay for the PGD)
  • 01/14/16 - Nurses received chart, put on wait list for funded IVF. 
  • 05/26/16 - Name came up on wait list, OHIP consents received! 
  • 09/21/16 - Genesis completed gene probe, ready for embies! Awaiting call from scheduling nurse.
  • 09/30/16 - Start BCP for 21 days, Booked to start Stims (Antagonist Protocol) on October 28th
  • 10/28/16 - Start Gonal F pen injections 150 iu
  • 11/07/16 - Egg retrieval, 34 eggs retrieved, 17 mature
  • 11/08/16 - 12 eggs fertilized, letting them grow to day 5
  • 11/13/16 -  5 embryos biopsied and frozen - awaiting PGD testing results
  • 12/??/16 -  One embryo tested positive for Neurofobromatosis gene mutation. Genesis to re-biopsy to ensure probe is working
  • 01/12/17 -  Results for re-biopsy received, meeting with Dr. Haebe tomorrow to discuss.
  • 01/13/17 - Results are good, mock cycle is the next step before transferring one of our 4 healthy embabies!
  • 01/13/17 - All is well with the mick cycle, nurses called. Next step is to call with late March day 1 and then blood tests until I surge, then ultrasound. We are looking at transfer the week of April 10th.
  • 03/28/17 - Called in CD1 - final round of testing before transfer is about to begin!







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Posted 03 October 2016 - 02:41 PM



I am due to start my Stims on October 28.I'm currently on BCP for 21 days to start. I was wondering when was a good time to look into beginning Acupuncture. What can I expect as well in regards to cost?

We were told to do it for 2 cycles before plus the cycle of your transfer.  So I would begin right away and, if you go to Riverside acupuncture and see Calvin, Margaret, or Steve, they will recommend starting on day 3 or 4 of your cycle, then going every 3-4 days until ovulation, then you wait until next day 3-4, and you will have them come to OFC the day of transfer for 2 treatments (one before and one after).  $65 first visit, $50 subsequent visits, and $250 for the day of transfer.

Good luck!

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Age 39, DH 43 in Oct.

TTC on and off since 2007 before our second IVF, in 2014, brought us our beautiful son.


FET #1 -  Sept 2016

Day 1 - Sept. 9

Monitoring - Sept. 18-22

Lining Check - Sept. 22 (11.3 mm)

Transferred 5B-BB Sept. 25 - BFP!!!  HCG 890 @ 12dp5dt and Progesterone 95.
Midwife appointment Sept. 19 and first ultrasound Nov. 4
3 Frosties left


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Seems like forever ago...


Age 37, DH 40.

TTC on and off since 2007

Unexplained Infertility


IVF #1 - April 2014 - BFN - no frosties


IVF #2 - July 2014 - BFP - 5B-AB and 4 frosties (5B-BB, 2x4B-BB and 3B-BB)

Apr. 13, 2015 - Daniel Erik was born at 5:05 am, weight 8 lbs, 13 oz, and 22" long.  He is perfect in every way.



#3 Dr. Brown FABORM

Dr. Brown FABORM
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Posted 04 October 2016 - 05:15 PM

Best to begin now 2/week


Ideally 12 treatments before transfer.  Maagelli/Cridenda study showed at least 9 treatments before transfer and most resent study by Lee Hullender Rubin showed 12 treatments to increase odds of live birth rate.


At Acubalance we encourage 2/week about 8 weeks before transfer and once per week the cycles before.


WE have people who find us late in the process.  We do not have them delay their IVF.  We  start the acupuncture now whereever they are in the IVF process.


Here are some resources about acupuncture and IVF


Wishing you the best of luck.





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Lorne Brown B.Sc.,CA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHt
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Hypnotherapist
Founder and Clinical Director Acubalance Wellness Centre (British Columbia)