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#1 hopefulmommy2

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Posted 14 September 2016 - 03:36 PM

Hi there,


Has anyone had success with Mini-IVF for diminished ovarian reserve? 


It looks like you get fewer eggs, but is more affordable with low dose meds (mainly just clomid for a longer stretch like Dr. Silber in St. Louis does). If you have DOR and are only getting 2-3 eggs anyways, I'm wondering if this might be an option to consider. 


I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried this.



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#2 ButterflyBaby

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Posted 14 September 2016 - 04:37 PM

I am interested to as I have been given rigid option for poor egg quality...

Mar 2015 - IUI #1 th_abfn.gif

Apr 2015 - IUI #2 th_abfn.gif

May 2015 - IUI #3 th_abfp.gif - turned out to be chemical cry.gif

Aug 2015 - IUI #4 th_abfn.gif

Sep 2015 - IUI #5 th_abfn.gif

Oct 2015 - IVF #1 prep month

Nov 2015 IVF #1.1 - actual IVF stim cycle - Freeze all dt OHSS high risk  - 3 excellent embryos frozen

Jan 20 2016 FET #1 - 2 beautiful embryos transferred! th_abfp.gif  -miscarriage at 8w2d 8388.gif


June 1 2016 FET #2 -- 1 beautiful (and final) embryo transferred. . . 

June 13th 2016 Beta 1 -- 337!!  th_abfp.gif

June 20th 2016 Beta 2 --2743!!

Now viability scan on June 24th!!  Fingers crossed! All looked good!

US# 2 heart beat heart yay!!

US #3 -- no heartbeat -- waiting miscarriage 8388.gif


Oct FINALLY miscarriage and all pregnancy tissue passed cry.gif


Nov 26th -- Mini Stim IVF started as last resort before donor eggs or donor embryos... sadly only one embryo and was abnormal so discarded


2017 -- donor egg or donor embryo, traditional adoption or give up :(












#3 Bretta63

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Posted 07 November 2016 - 09:32 AM

Hi Hopefulmommy2,


I just posted a reply to you on my stem cell question. But, just wanted to add that I am starting low dose IVF on Clomid (25 - 50 mg) and injectables next month with an Estrogen Prime cycle this month. It was explained to me that low dose is more medication than a natural stim cycle (oral meds with no injectables), but less than a mini-ivf cycle. My last rounds have all been high dose injectable cycles with Gonal f and Menopur, etc., which yielded embryos to transfer each round, but no implantation assuming poor quality. Two rounds included PGD and chromosomally normal embryos. If you are interested, I will certainly keep you posted on the results of a low dose cycle.

#4 Bretta63

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Posted 02 January 2017 - 01:21 PM

I just wanted to give an update and correct a mistake in my last reply about low dose IVF. We just did an estrogen prime cycle followed by 5 days of 100mg of Clomid (2 pills) on day 2 of cycle. On day 5 we added 150 Gonal f and 75 Menopur. We had similar results with this cycle to past higher dose cycles: retrieving 6 eggs (as opposed to 7-9 eggs in other cycles) and 4 embryos. We did a fresh 3 day transfer and only one of the embryos was an 8 cell. The others were only 3 - 5 cells each, but were also transferred. Unfortunately none implanted, but I still think the quality may have been a bit improved from previous higher dose cycles. 


Regarding low dose or mini-ivf, I misunderstood the differences in my last post. I think both may use injectables with the Clomid, but could be a question of dosage amounts. I was recently referred to another doctor in NY who's low dose protocol is 25 - 50 mg and 150 Gonal f and no Menopur. 


Happy New Year and wishing everyone's baby wishes come true in 2017!