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Castor oil

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Posted 09 June 2016 - 12:25 PM

Hi there,

I have pcos and a friend suggested I look into castor oil when we ttc our second child. I'm just wondering the benefits of it and how one should go about using it if it is suggested. Thank you.
Me -27. DH-32
Me- PCOS- diagnosed when 14ishDH- 100% normal
Married 2009
Took a year "off" before TTC - ha ha hind sight is a wonderful thing!
Talked to the doctor about PCOS( as he was not the one who diagnosed me with it originally)-- wanted us to ttc naturally for a year before fertility treatments.

2011- 2012- sent to RFP for a consult. Suggested to go on clomid, went on clomid for numerous cycles. Nothing was happening, phoned to get on IVF waiting list, doc told me to stay on clomid because it was working for me, just might take a little more time. (He said this without ever monitoring me). Went back to family doctor and he suggested

VFC2013-- phone consult with VFC, decided to do IVF

August 2013- Severe OHSS, all embryos frozen- 10 in total
November- 2013- set to do first FET, estrace didn't make lining thick enough and also breast lump was found (benign, but still monitoring) so cycle was cancelled.

February 2014- FET #1- BFN
April 2014- FET #2- BFN
July 2014- FET#3- BFN.......

Mock cycle to do an ERA test and do another FET if ERA comes back good.
ERA test done on Nov. 13th- results came back Receptive- thats good news i guess.... still no answers as why the previous 3 FETS didnt work

December 2014-
Wtf appointment- doctor thinks DH and I are too genetically similar and therefore my body rejects the embryo and the NK cells take over.

January 2015- immune testing- dh and I are a partial match meaning 1 out of 4 embryo will not implant and I have high NK cells. Trying another transfer. Gluten free 12 weeks, intralipids 10 days prior to ET, and also day of ET. Prednisone and estrace.
March 19- intralipid treatment
March 29- transferred 1 grade 17 embryo using assisted hatching and more intralipids

April 10th - BETA - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In total shock!
Beta#1- 335
Beta# 2- April 13- 1250 We are officially pregnant :) Now to wait for our 7 week ultrasound! 7 week ultrasound went great- Baby was measuring 6w6d and a heartbeat of 140!!!! so cool to watch the little heartbeat!! EDD December 16th Lilypie Pregnancy tickers