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Chinese herbs prescribed by my acupuncturist

Chinese herbs accupunture Endometriosis

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Posted 14 May 2016 - 01:01 PM

Please explain these herbs and any pros or cons to consider. I am 2 weeks from my FET after 3 failed IVF cycles. My basic diagnosis is endometriosis, hyper-thyroid and high blood pressure.

Radix angelicae sinensis
Radix glycyrrhizae
Radix ophiopogonis
Radix paeoniae alba
Colla coril asini
Cortex moulan radicis
Rhizoma pinelliae
Rhizoma zingiberis recens
Rhizoma chuanxiong
Fructose evodiae
Ramulus cinnamomi

Me- 38 yers old/ Hubby- 44 years old
2000- Married (Hubby has great swimmers!)
2002- Endometriosis Diagnosis
2002-2012- Various Endo treatments
2009- Moved from Vancouver, BC to Abu Dhabi, UAE🇰🇼
2013- TTC (slightly cheaper and easier to access private services here than in Canada)
March 2013- HSG seems clear but questionable 
April 2013- IUI#1= BFN😥
May 2013- IUI#2= BFN😥
June- Sept 2013- Gonal-Peptyl protocol
Aug 2013- Bi-lateral hydrosalpinix = tubal cauterisation x2
Oct 2013- IVF#1- 2 grade AA , day 5 blasts + 1 ICSI/ 1normal + assisted hatching = BFP (Beta 100) Chemical😔
Dec 2013- IVF#2- 3 grade AA, day 5 blasts + assisted hatching= BFN (Beta 0) Not even a blip on the radar!😥
August 2014- Move back to Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦
March 2015- Essure placed in right tube because the cauterisation had cleared.
Nov. 2015- stimming with cysts on both ovaries and very low FSH. 10 eggs retrieved, 5 grade 19-20 frozen for FET
March 2016- FET#1 with 1 day 5/ grade 18 blast + ICSI + Intralipids + Superfact + Medrol + Estrace + antibiotics + acupuncture + assisted hatching = FET#1 BFN 😤
May 2016- FET #2 with 2 day5/grade 18 already hatching blasts. Same protocol as previous FET#1 = FET#2 BFN😡
July-August FET cycle- started cycle on Superfect, estrace, medrol, antibiotics, endometrial biopsy, and no Intralipids (reaction during last cycle) - cycle canceled due to thin lining
August FET cycle- plan is to try Provera + Letrozol (Femara)

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