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Male Factor - Antisperm Antibodies

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Posted 03 May 2016 - 08:56 PM

Thought i would include this thread as i don't see it here. It is a relatively new diagnoses i guess.

DH and I have been TTC for 4 years with no pregnancy at all. Went to different doctors and clinics and never got a clear diagnoses. First was unexplained , second was low motility. But we knew there was something more.

Finally in January 2016 we decided to have another test done at Hannam Fertility Clinic in Toronto (one of the best supposedly) just to see if we would find anything new and sure enough we did.

The difference was the clinic did a more detailed testings including sperm DNA fragmentation testing that we didn't do before in previous clinics. From the tests, doctor found that DH has a 98% antisperm antibodies . It's usually found in men who had vasectomy or injury before but my DH said neither applied to him really other than a childhood tennis ball incident.

This condition cause the body to treat the sperm as an invader hence the antibodies. It causes the sperm to agglutinates and impossible to penetrate the egg as it's covered with the antibodies which also affects motility as well as mobility.

After our appointment, we felt so enlightened and everything made sense. We were told that most couple who were unexplained for a while found out that they have the antibodies to be the cause.

So our Dr went ahead and recommend IVF/ICSI/FET protocol for us. We started without hesitation.

We have just finished our FET and i have tested positive with HPT 6dp5dt. It worked!!! First BFP ever in 4 years and on our first FET .

Still hard to believe that all this time we could have done this instead of waiting around. Regardless we are still happy to have found out and being very cautiously optimistic for the next steps .

We hope that someone out there may find this helpful and that our story will give you hope .
Me: 31 DH: 39
TTC : 4 years
August 2012 - Nov 2013 - ONE FERTILITY CLINIC
Did clomid for 7 cycles BFN then 1x IUI also BFN
Took a break and ttc naturally - no baby
Dec 2014 IVF almost- cancelled (changed our mind - not ready)
Another break
Diagnosis : Male factor (antisperm antibodies 98%)
Mar 2016 - IVF #1 (funded cycle)
Protocol: IVF/ICSI/freeze all
Mar 14 - egg retrieval - 11 retrieved, 11 mature, 10 fertilized, 9 divided well day 3, 5 blasts on day 5 (2x 5AA,3x 5AB) 1 day 6 (6AB)
April 27- FET (singelton 5AA almost hatched blast) 100% thaw rate
HPT - 5dp5dt BFP!!!
May 5 - FIRST BETA 286.5 !
May 9 - 2nd BETA - 1409!
May 21st - 1st u/s - one healthy bean