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Fish Oil for Elevated Cytokines

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#1 saggi_amy

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Posted 27 April 2016 - 12:26 PM

Hello Dr. Fiona,


I have elevated cytokines and that condition hasn't responded well to treatments like Humira, Intralipids etc. I will be doing a round of IVIG before my next FET however I also read somewhere that taking a good quality fish oil supplement can help lower it as well. I have been taking 4-6 caps daily of Ascenta Nutrasea 3:1 for almost 2 months now and wondering if I am exceeding the maximum dose? Per 4 caps: EPA - 1500mg, DHA - 500 mg.


And please also advise if fish oil is safe to take after the transfer or should I stop a few days before.





3 diagnostic laproscopies
last one in June 2007 - diagnosed severe endometriosis stage V
doc removed right tube (completely damaged due to endo)
was put on Lupron depot for 6 months post last lap to supress remaining endo
Irregular periods Oct 2008 - December 2009
Confirmed premature Ovarian failure @ age 28
Got married Oct 2009, TTC since then
No periods since Dec 2009
Met Dr. Virro, Oct 24th 2010 (suggested donor egg IVF)
Had Septum Surgery April 1st., started Estrogen (Day 1- 25) and Progesterone (Day 16-25)
Donor Egg IVF - ER on Dec 3rd 2011, 8 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilized. Day 5, one 2/3 transferred, one frozen.
12dp5dt beta - 80, dropped to 54 the next day.
FET of our one and only frostie - Mar 23rd 2012, started bleeding on 10dp5dt, beta came less than 1

Dr. V suggested immune testing. I am still debating sad.png


Had to move to a clinic in the US for my donor's (sister) convenience. 

IVF#2 Fresh Cycle in March 2013  - BFN 

2 frozen embies

FET # 1 - 1 embryo didn't survive the thaw. transferred one good quality embryo - BFN (beta less than 1)

Exploring immune testing before the next IVF 


Immune testing completed in Feb 2014. Dr. V suggested 2 LIT and 2 Humira shots. Retest confirmed LIT worked however Humira didn't. Dr. V recommended IVIG which was totally unaffordable for me. I asked if I could try Intralipids instead. 


IVF#3, DE - ET on Sep1st (The embryo wasn't a complete blast but close). Did intralipds 2 days before ET. Started Lovenox from 1dp5dt. HPT 6dp5dt - Negative. 2nd HPT 9dp5dt - Negative. Can't believe this! I was really hopeful this time sad.png


May 2015 - Dr. V recommended 3 Intralipids 2 weeks apart which brought my cytokines down to 29. Did 1 IVIG a day before FET (June 2015). Also took lovenox, baby aspirin, Folic Acid, Vit D. First Ever BFP!!!! 1st Beta 13dp5dt (over 700!), 2nd Beta 15dp5dt (doubled!). 7 week ultrasound - no heartbeat detected, sac measuring 1 week behind. 8 week ultrasound - very weak heartbeat, still measuring 1 week behind. 9 week ultrasound - no heartbeat detected. Took misoprostal to induce miscarriage cry.gif cry.gif


Last and final FET planned for May 2016 eusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif eusa_pray.gif


#2 DrFionaMcCulloch

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Posted 12 May 2016 - 09:59 PM

Hi Amy, 


this amount is safe, and you can continue it post transfer as well. 


hope this helps! 



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