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Low on everything but excellent DNA fragmentation?

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#1 martiv

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 05:34 AM



So our story.


We have 3 failed ICSI cycles behind us. Main problem is that all our embryos arrest prior to day 5.


We had to use ICSI due to male infertility.


The numbers have been similar over the the past two years despite numerous life style changes and vitamins


Count: between 3-6million/ml

Motility: is always good

Morphology: 0-1% so not good

There appears also a problem with the acrosome in about 50% of the sperm

FSH is 14,5

Testosterone and LH is normal


We recently had a DNA fragmentation test done and the results came back at 6% and 1%.

So that appears to be good. The % did was elevated after the washing of the sperm (15%)


RE says it is most likely an egg issue despite having each time around 15-25 follicles and no known female problems. We both have been karyotyped (normal)


He suggests using half donor sperm next time to see if there is an underlying not diagnosed sperm problem.


Normally when numbers are low the DNA % is also bad. That doesn't seem to be the case here. Any advice for us?


Husband has been taking:

Vitamine C, B, D, E, selenium, CoQ10, Maca, Carnitine, Arginine, Zinc, Pycnogenol

These vitamins appear not have had an influence on the count and morphology.



#2 JennyAnne

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Posted 15 January 2016 - 11:44 AM

I don't have any  real advice regarding your numbers, egg issue etc.  but I was wondering if your doctors will do a 3 day transfer and if you think it'll help at all?  My husband has low count and motility.  Every IVF we did included ICSI and 3 day transfers.  Our embryos were not great quality so they never let them go past day 3.  We did 3 rounds of IVF and then a FET from our first IVF round before getting pregnant.  That first IVF round we got a lot of fertilized eggs - like 16 or 18 so they kept 10 out to watch and froze 6 or 8 right away.  Even that FET was thawed to day 3 and then transferred.   Just an idea since you said your embryos arrest before day 5.  Good luck!!!! 

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Posted 11 February 2016 - 06:47 PM

I believe something is wrong with numbers. I believe DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) must correlate with Morphology.

For example, I have 2% morphology (3x times less than normal), and 54% DFI (3x times higher than normal)


"morphology" means damaged sperm membranes; if membranes are damaged then DNA inside is damaged


(just my personal thoughts)

2014.01.01: TTC started

2015.11.01: FertilAid, MegaMen Sport, Royal Bee Jelly, L-Arginine, C, E, Zinc, CoQ-10, Folic Acid, Pycnogenol, and more

2015.12.01: I found that I need 10x more folic acid than women: 5mg a day. Correction also made for C and E intakes.

2016.01.14: DFI 54%, Morphology 2%. Dull pain in left testicle (usually at night).

2016.02.05: Pycnogenol - I bought it in bulk, taking 1/2 teaspoon in the morning.

2016.02.10: Folate (5-MTHF) vs. Folic Acid. Why doctors keep silence about that?

2016.03.19: first IUI, and pregnancy! Thanks to Dr. Paul Rob from Hannam Fertility

2016.05.xx DFI 52% ? Why it didn't improve after 5 months? But a lot of swimmers, almost doubled!

2016.11.xx: I am father of beautiful daughter!!!!!!!!!