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Possible changes to IVF funding in Quebec?

quebec ivf funding

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Posted 24 March 2015 - 10:35 AM

So tomorrow is the day....

Has anyone any information about any more specifics of what will be "passed" in the Bill tomorrow?


MandyA...have you read anything else about frozen embryos and the "rules" following the passing of the Bill? I can't seem to find anything with my google searches.


Thanks in advance for any other updates!

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#27 MandyA

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Posted 24 March 2015 - 11:16 AM

It doesn't look like the bill will be passed, but rather that the hearings end tomorrow.  The owner of Fertilys in Laval is speaking today at 16h, and there have been several associations and bodies speaking last week.


I'm not sure where I read that you can still use your embryos for up to six months after the bill has passed.  Barrette said something about looking at it but that they are safe for now.

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Posted 05 August 2015 - 12:44 PM

It's looking like, even though they say the bill could still change, that it will pass in October.

Meanwhile, this is happening.  Suspicious if you ask me.

Guaranteed to get you pregnant or your money back. Right. And this has nothing to do with getting rid of funding with Bill 20. It has everything to do with it, and it looks too bloody convenient.

Said ACIQ (translated): It's not just us who are worried about the situation, the college of physicians are, too.
Here is an excerpt from the article << on the side of the federation of Quebec for the planning of births, the coordinator magalie pirotte denounces the arrival of the "Sharks" that attack to the market of fertility québécois. " the risk is that with the bill 20, these are the women who have the lower ability to pay who will suffer the most important impacts and who will be the more likely to use the services of Financial loans as proposed by integramed. "
"The College of Physicians says " concerned " by the credit pregnancies and packages " money back guarantee pregnancy " offered to infertile couples by the American giant which has just announced a partnership with Quebec fertility clinics Procrea.
" There is not much information about this new service offering about financing plans, but it is sure that it is a subject that concerns us , meets Leslie Labranche, spokesman for the College of Physicians. Of course we will follow it closely [...] We want to ensure that the physician will respect his ethical obligations and that it will not charge for medical services that were not given to patients , especially since it is a vulnerable clientele. "
Referring to Article 106 of the code of ethics of physicians, Ms. Labranche remember that it is forbidden for a doctor to call in advance fees for services not rendered. In these circumstances, a Quebec clinic could not offer packages as is the IntergraMed company. Le Devoir reported on Tuesday what Dr. Pierre St-Michel, president of OPMEDIC Group, owner of Procrea clinics, who said he had an interest in adapting the formulas of financing its new business partner.
" If there are doctors who want to offer this type of service then they will be able to communicate with the trustee will be able to take a position, but it is not the type of file being analyzed in a day, it really takes an analysis deep and detailed to see what the project " , says Ms. Labranche.
The professional association of Quebec doctors did not intend to change its code of ethics to soften the regulation adds Labranche but recalls that the Government has great leeway to intervene if they wish.
At the office of the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, his press secretary, Joanne Beauvais, merely a formal press line. " Recall that in Bill 20 is proposed to follow a hierarchy of treatments [the treatments offered initially are less expensive than fertilization in vitro ] and that the tax credit can be paid to the As treatment on the terms by the Ministry of Revenue. "
On the side of the Federation of Quebec to Planned Parenthood, the coordinator Magalie Pirotte denounces the arrival of the "sharks" that attack the market for Quebec fertility. " The risk is that with Bill 20, it is women who have the lowest ability to pay that will undergo the most significant impacts and who will be most likely to use financial loan services as proposed by IntegraMed. "
The study of Bill 20 in Quebec City will resume at the end of August."

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#29 MandyA

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Posted 12 August 2015 - 11:29 AM

ACIQ posted this on Facebook:



Let's recap.

In November 2014, the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, officially announced its desire to abolish the Quebec assisted reproduction program. This program was set up in summer 2010 by the Minister Yves Bolduc under a government Party Liberal. In summary, the Minister wishes Barrette "return" the financing by the tax credit.However, a single IVF cycle would be covered for women under 37 and two rings for women 37 to 42 years. He also wanted to make it illegal to assisted reproduction treatments for women over 42 years. He also wants to remove funding to people who already have a child. A few weeks later, he told the media that he wants couples have a minimum of 3 years of unprotected sex before resorting to treatment. Artificial insemination remain covered by the RAMQ.

Bill 20 has two parts, family medicine and assisted reproduction. In the media, it is more a question of family medicine side. A hidden law in another.

In spring 2015, there has been the Parliamentary Committee . Several groups, including the Association of infertile couples in Quebec, the Canadian Association of Awareness infertility, FMSQ, the Canadian Fertility and Andrology between others came to file briefs, express their opinions and suggest solutions.

In May 2015, after an agreement with the family doctors, the Barrette Minister unveils amendments to Bill 20 , assisted reproduction pane. It removes the prohibition for women 42 and older, in addition to removing the 3-year sex. In our opinion, this is a smokescreen. It gives the impression of making concessions. In reality, it deflects the discussions of the primary subject of fertilization treatments in vitro coverage. We believe that these two amendments are easy to remove and issues were planned as well. Political strategies.

End May 2015 begins the detailed study of Bill 20. It includes a strip Minister visibly "sickened" to answer all the questions of the opposition. It can even be a bit boastful when Lamarre member asked him if he agrees to cover at least one IVF treatment. He refuses to answer the question put to him several times, using a lot of "blah", pointing the finger at others. A lack of respect, especially to infertile couples.

In an interview about the possible agreement with the FMSQ, Barrette Minister said that it relies on the abolition of the assisted reproduction program to find money.

"The adoption of Bill 20 can wait a while, responded Mr. Barrette. I have much more need of Bill 20 for the budget related to medically assisted procreation for doctors commitments. "These savings amount to $ 48 million.

Parliamentary proceedings were adjourned at the middle of June 2015. 20 The law has not been adopted and the detailed study is completed. It will continue to fall.



According to the schedule on the website of the National Assembly, there will be a session on the detailed study of Bill 20 Friday, August 21, 2015.


We must act NOW!

You have, we know, was already much sought in recent months in connection with Bill 20. It began the "great final sprint."

We do not pretend to want to turn things around and change the government, and the Minister Barrette mind.However, it is better to try anything than to regret later. If you wait until the law is passed 20 to say "But what could I have done? "It will unfortunately be too late!

And if, despite all these actions, the law 20 passed, we will at least give the greatest possible visibility to our cause.This is the big plus point of this great battle!


Join the ACIQ!


Over the Association members, the greater its weight in policy discussions!
It is not enough to click "Like" on Facebook ... Join the ACIQ! 
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Say it proudly as you are # 1couplesur6! Say the assisted reproduction program is important. Yes, it could be improved, better marked, we are all aware, but he does not deserve to be abolished. Inform your loved ones. There was unfortunately a bit of misinformation in the media. Things are sometimes ill say and people do not understand the basics. Infertile couples are the best spokesmen!



Write to Prime Minister Philippe Couillard 

Write to Minister Barrette at the following address: ministre@msss.gouv.qc.ca

And if you share your letter on Facebook?



Write and / or meet your MP to the constituency or awareness to your experience, the experience of any current or future infertile couples.

Here is the list of MPs and how to reach them: www.assnat.qc.ca/fr/deputes


Write here or elsewhere

Love to write? You have a blog? Write your opinion or write your background (or both!). 
We also can you post on this site, send us your text (and one or photographs) at emotionsinvitro@gmail.com .Thank you !

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#30 MandyA

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Posted 21 August 2015 - 04:16 PM

And it's getting ugly:


The Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, Friday accused a PQ opponent from doing the smear arguing that changes the assisted procreation program to promote a company owned by the Desmarais family, close to the Liberals.


Mr. Barrette said he did not know until recently that there Integra Med, a company of the AHR sector belonging to a subsidiary of Power Corporation conglomerate, led by members of the Desmarais family.


During a press briefing that preceded the Parti Québécois MP Diane Lamarre suggested that the links between the Quebec Liberal Party and the Desmarais family could explain the tightening in access to in vitro fertilization program.


Ms. Lamarre questioned the true independence of the Minister in this matter, which was ardently defended it a few years ago by the host Julie Snyder, wife of PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau.


Ms. Lamarre said the minister went too far in reducing access to reimbursement by the state of assisted reproduction services, allowing the private sector to take up more space to provide these services.


A few minutes later, before resuming consideration of Bill 20 eliminates free of assisted reproduction programs, Mr. Barrette rejected the reconciliation Ms. Lamarre between the PLQ and the Desmarais family.


"There, of course, Ms. Lamarre decides to embark on a process of insinuations are nothing more than a smear campaign" , he has said.

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#31 MandyA

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Posted 08 September 2015 - 02:39 PM

IAAC Executive Director Carolynn Dube speaking about public access to fertility treatments in Quebec at the First International Fertility without Borders Conference in Montreal on Monday.


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#32 MandyA

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Posted 10 November 2015 - 05:52 PM

Bill 20 was adopted today and will be in force tomorrow.  Well, Thursday since tomorrow is a holiday.

As far as I know, any cycles currently happening can be completed.  I think embryos frozen from these and previous cycles may be transferred for free.

But for anyone who was going to an appointment Thursday to begin a cycle, you must pay up front and get a tax credit of up to 80% back at tax time.  If you don't owe anything in that will eat into it.


Sad day for the infertile of Quebec.

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#33 MandyA

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Posted 13 November 2015 - 07:22 PM

And the plot thickens. It all makes sense now.

Bottom line... Bill 20, now law, cut the three free IVF cycles to fund ultrasounds by radiologists. ** Gaetien Barrette, the Health Minister who rammed it through, is a radiologist. *** Cancer is more important than infertility. Well, to 5 out of 6 couples/people who are able to easily have a child, yes... they probably agree.

To me, one of the 1 in 6... infertility treatment coverage IS JUST AS IMPORTANT. But whatever. My time is almost up. The alarm is going off, and I, like many Quebec couples, must go in debt for the rest of my (our) life(ves) for even a chance to have a child. Many aren't even able to afford to pay up front.

** Ultrasounds performed by radiologists in private practice will be part of the basket of services reimbursed by the Régie de Medicare (RAMQ) in 2016, which should also help improve access, said Minister. The measure is $ 30 million. **

Rough translation from Fertilys:

"Chronology of events:

1. On 10 November, the draft law 20 is adopted, abolishes the programme public of assisted reproduction and privatized so the in vitro fertilization. Quebec believes save $ 48 million.

2. for the nif, a tax credit very restrictive and limited will now be offered to the place of the cover ramq and do probably will cost to the state that a few million.

3. Three days later, on 13 November 2015, in the margin of the adoption of the draft law 20, the minister of health gaétan barrette, Radiologist, get along with the president of the federation of medical specialists Du Québec (Fmsq) Diane Francoeur, an obstetrician-Gynecologist, for allegedly increase access to care.

4. In This Agreement Ministry-Fmsq, ultrasounds practised in cabinet by the radiologists will be part of the basket of services reimbursed by the directors of health insurance (Ramq) as early as 2016, including the obstetric ultrasound. The measure is worth $ 30 million.

5. This new measure will be without cost to the state, since a sum of $ 30 million allocated for this purpose will be pumped to even the money supply of $ 4,3 billion already paid by the government to the fmsq and where Also found the funds for the nif.

There's a few years, Dr. Barrette had told me, when he was president of the fmsq, that he intended to suss out in the budget allocated to procreation in order to pay the obstetric ultrasound in private practice.

My understanding of what is happening:
The Minister of health and the president of the fmsq détroussent, hand in hand, the few 7000 infertile couples of the public budget allocated to the IVF to defray by the ramq, in private practice, the obstetric ultrasound for the few 70000-80000 Couples Fertile.

By the way, unlike the infertility, being pregnant is not a disease, but it's more votes in your favour.

I leave you react."


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