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#26 Vanislandgirl

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Posted 23 November 2014 - 04:03 PM

Hello all, so we've been ttc for over four yrs. Been at our fertility clinic for over a year now, 4 failed IUI's and we just had to cancel a Super Ovulation IUI at the last minute because DH semen had zero live sperm. He has been taking selienum and male multi vitamins. Though I just checked his bottles and all but the selienum is expired.


His results have varied so much over the last year, and two. From not so great to 3mil. To this last one of zero live sperm. There were dead ones though. Doc is sending him for more testing as this is the first time it has been no live ones. We don't want to have to go to donor sperm.


So I am researching supplements and diet to see if help correct this so we can either do a IVF cycle or another Super O IUI in the new year, with back up frozen swimmers just incase we run into similar problems again when my eggs are ready.


Our RE said multi vitamins and Coq10 supplements, and has said selenium too. I am wondering about the dosage and if I should have him take folic acid too.

#27 nero

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Posted 26 November 2015 - 09:58 AM

My husband has been taking FertilAid(ordered from earlypregnancytests.com). It totally works. Improved morphology and his count went from 60 million to 330 million.

wauv this is amazing!!!! My husband uses Fertile Pro Men. For how long your husband used the supplements to see the improvement. We will be in the waiting list for IVF and most probably we will have first IVF somewhere in May. We would like to try naturally as well while waiting. My husband has total sperm 26 million, 48% motility and 1% morphology. We should improve morphology and we just hope the supplements will help. 

#28 Born2BMrsC

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Posted 12 December 2015 - 12:19 PM

He took it for approx 6 months. His count was great for our IVF, our issued was 100% antibodies. So alone his sperm couldn't fertilize my egg. Lots to choose from for IVF though. We were very blessed and successful our first IVF, my daughter is now 11 months old!
Our IVF Journey March 29 - baseline ultrasound/blood test - all good! March 30 - start stims Gonal F 150iu and Luveris 75iu. Plus ASA 81mg (slow release aprin) and antibiotics.April 3 - Gonal F upped to 225iu, Luveris still 75iu and adding in .25mg Cetrotide.April 7 - Trigger at 10 pm April 9 - ER day! 10 good eggs retrieved!April 10 - 9 fertilized!April 11 - 6 good looking 4 cell embryos + 1 average! 1 didn't divide enough and 1 didn't divide at all.April 14 - transferred one 5 day 4BA blastocyst!April 15 - we have 4 embryos frozen (1-day 5 and 3-day 6)April 26 - nurse called... officially a BFP!May 15 - first ultrasound! Our little squish is measuring right on track at 7w1d with a heart rate of 136bpm! So amazing!!!
June 23 - second ultrasound 12 weeks 5 days! Baby is measuring big at 13 weeks 1 day! HB 159bpm! So cool to see him/her wiggling around with arms and legs moving like crazy!
July 3 - first OBGYN appointment! Finally got to hear the hearbeat!