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Dr. Pyselman

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#1 Hope113

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 01:19 PM

We're with another clinic right now and wanna transfer to Markham clinic. I heard that Dr. Virro is great but his waiting time is way too long. So we are thinking of transferring to Dr. Pyselman.

Can anyone give any advice on Dr. Pyselman? Is she good? Is her sucessfule rate high? Does she really care about her patients? We had really bad experience with our old doctor. We are at late 30's and frustrated and can't afford another bad experience.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

#2 arual27

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 05:28 PM

I see Dr Pysleman and have been very happy with her. I find her thorough and kind. I was at another specialist and I was told everything was fine keep trying. She found my endometriosis as well as diagnosed me with borderline low thyroid. She seems to really know what she is talking about and takes things into account even if they are onlyslightly off. I can't comment on how she is with iui or ivf as I have not gone thorugh that with her.

As well. I find her receptionist accomodating and friendly as well.

All the best!
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#3 frostedlemon

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Posted 31 October 2012 - 06:52 PM

I saw Dr. Pyselman and did two IUIs with her. She was nice and I liked that we seemed to be on the same page about what we wanted to do. Things happened pretty quickly, which was great after so much waiting around, and we were able to do two back to back IUIs and then when they failed I was thinking that I wanted to move onto something stronger (either with injectables or straight to IVF) and she said the same thing. She did a pap on me and it was the most uncomfortable one I've had, but the IUIs were no trouble at all so I'm not sure if it was her or just the way I was that day. If I'd wanted to do IVF, I could have started it pretty much immediately. (as it was, we were undecided and then my husband lost his job so it became impossible right then and then I ended up getting pregnant).

I have heard that she gets less follicles from retrievals but gets more mature eggs, which is what's important. I don't know if that impacts her success rates compared to anyone else at all. I never made it as far as that with her so I can't really comment on that personally but I was talking to someone in line for monitoring one morning who said she'd done her retrieval and it was a good experience for her (well, as good as that can be, I guess ;) ).

There are a few things I didn't like: She's always late, but I gather that's pretty normal for any doctor. I went for a consult to start IVF and she suddenly started talking about needing to go on Metformin to address my "PCOS tendencies", which was the first I'd heard of anything like that in regards to me. I asked what that meant and she was kind of vague (something about long cycles, which is not really true, they were only 30 days usually) and I was left feeling like either my test results hadn't come back as okay as she originally said, or that I was missing something. I was also really emotional at that appointment because she said I'd have to go on the Pill (standard with IVF) and I had such terrible depression when I went off it originally that I was really scared of that idea so I may not have asked the right questions because I was busy trying not to cry or I might have taken things the wrong way. I wonder now if she was just suggesting it to cover all the bases and eliminate a potential problem just in case.

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#4 Hope113

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Posted 01 November 2012 - 09:20 AM

Thanks, arual27 and frostedlemon. I feel more comfortable about Dr. Pyselman now and will ask my family doctor to refer today.

We had numerous IUI without success and had first IVF last year and didn't suceed as well. Now we are seeking for second opinion and hoping for the best.

Good luck to all of us!