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Accutane and egg quality

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#1 CitroŽn

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 11:31 AM

I've been reading some scary stuff on the Internet about how accutane can ruin all of your eggs. I was on accutane for a few months about 17 years ago. Should I be worried about this?

Thank you!

#2 gibasgirl

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 01:34 PM

My DH was in it in his teens and I've read it affects sperm, too.

#3 leigh14

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 04:16 PM

I am interested in hearing what the RE says. After reading your post I googled it (naturally! Lol) and there are some sites that make the connection between the drug and a diminished reserve. I was on this medication in my late teens. I have DOR but I do not believe I have poor egg quality (just low numbers). I have been pregnant twice (one m/c) and just had my daughter a few weeks ago. But I'd be interested in learning about whether accutane plays a role in fertility issues later in life.

Me: 40
Dx: DH: Vasectomy; need IVF/ICSI ME: D.O.R. and many immunological issues. (Initially presented as "normal" but issues were only discovered after IVF attempt #2 and #3 after testing at new clinic)
IVF attempt #1 Nov.2009, Age 37: Long "Lupron" protocol
Dec.2009: Cycle cancelled due to oversuppression
IVF attempt #2, Age 38: April 2010: 3 eggs retrieved, 2 mature, 2 fertilized, ET of 2 embryos BFN
IVF atempt #3 at new clinic: November 2010, Age 38: 5 eggs retrieved, 4 mature, 4 fertilized, ET of 2 blastocysts BFP
Strong beta numbers but babies not measuring on track but one heartbeat is present. Followup u/s reveals no HB's :( Had D&C--so sad.
Moved to new clinic closer to home + more of a focus on testing for potential immunological factors:
Further testing reveals three mutations related to inherited thrombophilia (2 MTHFR mutations and PA1-1 mutation), positive ANA, elevated NK cells and cytokines and low levels of leukocyte antibodies (LADS), Recommended Immunological treatment: Humira, LIT, IVig and blood thinners if PG
IVF Protocol: Low stim for me/ TESE needed for DH; took Humira in late August and early September; taking DHEA plus Co-Enzyme Q10, vitamins for DH just for good measure! September--two trips to Mexico for LIT treatment, treatments 3 weeks apart
Initial re-testing through Alan Beer Centre after some of the immune treatments reveals only cytokines were lowered, NKs still high and LAD numbers still low. Another LIT in Mexico is recommended. We decide to begin cycle on doctor's recommendation of just doing IVIG.
IVF#4, Age 39 : November 2011: Worst AFC EVER--a whopping 4! Three follicles responded, two eggs were retrieved. Three day transfer of two Grade 1 8 cell embryos: "Fahita" & "Burrito" Stick, stick, stick little ones!
BFP! Beta of 569
Viability u/s at 6 w 2d shows TWO babies measuring on track with heartbeats of 121. Looks like babies might be sharing the same amniotic sac.
Second u/s at 7w 2 d shows ONE baby with hb of 150, measuring 7 w 3 days. No sign of twin. Vanishing twin syndrome?
Third u/s at 8 w 2d shows ONE baby with hb of 170, measuring 8 w 3 days. Looks like a little jellybean!
12 week u/s at 12 w 2 days and baby is measuring 12 w 5 days with a heart beat of 150. Baby mooned us and waved at us with one hand....looked like a "royal" wave to me!
13 week doctor's appointment, HB=155 on doppler
14 week u/s to check cervix, HB=148
16 week u/s to check cervix, HB=138, baby had hiccups!
20 week u/s--everything looks good! HB=130, looks like we're having a GIRL!
IPS results very good!
39 weeks: Our baby girl arrived!!! She is healthy and beautiful! We are so happy! :)

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#4 Ope

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 11:09 PM

My DH was on accurate for over a year in his early 20's. He has extremely low morphology numbers like 1-2%. It is very suspicion because that is the only thing what always really bad in his sperm. The motility always good, and the counts fluctuates a lot, but there was occasion when it was extremely good like 115 million. Still the morphology ( quality ) always has been crap.
We are never going to know if the accurane had anything to do with it or know. In any case , if my son inherits his daddy crappy acne prone skin, I will actively protest against accurane for sure.
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right now me : 37 Dh:40

TTC #1: natural TTC 1.5 yrs
Dh: 35, Severe Male factor infertility, morphology is 1-2%
Me: 32 , tubes open, no endo, regular ovulation, all hormones are good, 3rd day FSH 5.3 , antral follicle count is 12, only problem is my weight BMI: 30

IVF/ ICSI #1: 2008 February -McGill, Montreal
Long protocol: BCP for 1 month, burselin from CD21, 300 Gonal F and 150 Luveris for 10 days
ER: 11 egg , 6 mature , 5 fertilized, 3rd day transfer:a 7 cell & an 8 cell embyos, no frosties.
1st beta : 13dp3dt: 77, BFP
2008,November 19th: Adam has arrived 7 lb 4 oz, 21"

TTC #2: natural TTC 1.5 yr
Dh :39 morphology went up to 4%, we meet the IUI cutoff! count are fluctuating from 30 to 105 million, motility is great. Caryotyping is normal
Me: 36 FSH is slightly elevated and keep rising 8.5, 8.8, 8.9, 9.8 , AFC is still 12, everything else looks good.

IUI #1: Edmonton, 2011 January ,Clomid 50mg (x5), 106 mil ,68% motile, grade 4 :BFN
IUI #2: Edmonton, 2011 February, Clomid 50mg (x5), 30 mil, 57% motile, grade 3: BFN
IUI #3: Edmonton, 2011 March, Clomid 50mg (x5), 88 mil , 49% motile, grade 4: BFN
IVF#2: 2011 May, Edmonton: long protocol , nasal suprefact : CANCELLED due to high progresteron & cyst
IVF#3: 2011 August, Edmonton: short protocol/natural start: CANCELLED due to high progesterone
IVF#4: 2001 September, Edmonton: short protocol with BCP: CANCELLED due to high progresteron & cyst
Change clinic

IVF #5: 2012 March-April Hungary: stimulation starts march 28, 300 Menopur
mixed protocol: BCP for months, CD3: Menopur 300& lupron for 8 days
ER : April 8th , 4 eggs retrieved, all were mature and fertilized with ICSI and AH
ET : April 11th, 1 A quality 8 cell, and 1 A quality 4 cell embryo transferred, no frosties.
BFP on the HPT at 7dp3dt: happy 37th birthday to me :D
Beta: , 12dp3dt: 150, 2nd Beta, 15dp3dt: 550
Anna has arrived on 21st December after being induced at 39 week. She is 6 lb 9 oz, 20" , and has blue eyes, and long dark brown hair and just perfect !

#5 K.N.

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 11:50 PM

I took acutane 2 years ago and was told not to get preg during treatment and 1-2 months after, started to try to conceive 6 months after and got preg after 2 cycles but had m/c. I would like to ask RE to answer if possible. My OB said it can not be a reason for m/c..

Me 33,DH 37June 2011- ttc journey startsSept 2011- BFP:)Nov 2011- SCH at 7 weeks +natural m/c at 13 weeks Jan 2012-ttc againMay 2012-saw Gyne re: premenstrual 5 day spotting,Sono/US+ B/W all normal. Got referral to Hannam ClinicJuly 9/12-consultation with REIUI #1 and #2 (unmedicated) July/Aug 2012- BFNOct 17 tubes clear, dna fragmentation 24% borderline?IUI #3 (Puregon 50 IU) November 2012- beta 9..iui#4 (Puregon ~66IU) Dec 10-11- Xmas day HPT-BFP!!! Beta on 17 dpiui- 878! Beta 19 dpiui -1948!Jan 8- Beta 21000,TSH up 8.49 -Put on L-Thyroxin 50 mcg dailyFeb1- one healthy baby measuring on trackFeb 20- 1st OB apptFeb 22- NT scan (normal),genetic screening done,all goodApril 10- anatomy scan(normal) and we're having a GIRL!!! Aug 28/13- Emma Alexandra was born,we are in love!!:)Aug5/2014- natural pregnancy, bfp on hpt..beta 325 then spotting..bleeding..beta 281. Another M/C:(Nov 2014- New clinic closer to a new house (Procrea Vaughan)Natural cycle and timed intercourse-BFNDec 2014- Puregon and IUI- BFNFeb 2015-Natural BFP,betas doubling,US#1 (March 18)

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#6 hoping2012

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Posted 21 August 2012 - 08:32 PM

I was on accutane for about 2 months in my twenties, my egg quality isn't the greatest..I always attributed it to PCOS. However, I have a friend who was on it for a longer period of time in high school and has had two kids without any issues. Like everyone else I'm looking forward to a response from an RE.

Me: 33, DH 33
Me: PCOS, DH Slight MF

TTC 3 years

6/10 Started with Fertility Clinic
2 Clomid Cycles
More Puregon IUIs than I can count on my hand, 2 cancelled.
8/11 IVF 1 - 15 retrieved, 9 at 72 hours. 2 day 3 transferred. 7 day 3 frozen.
11/11 FET 1 - 3 thawed, 2 survived and transferred at day 3. 4 frosties remaining.
...Chemical pregancy.
02/12 FET 2 - BFN
07/12 IVF 2 - 17 retrieved, 13 mature, 6 at 72 hours. 2 day3-8 cell compacting transferred. Froze 3 grade 4 and 1 grade 3.
08/18 - Beta 1 - 941
08/20 - Beta 2 - 2171
08/30 - U/S 1 @ 6W0D - Twins! HB of 115 and 108, measuring: 5w5d and 5w4d. SCH Found
9/4 - U/S 2 @ 6W5D - 2 sacs with HBs (121 and 103) and 1 sac without HB
9/11 - U/S 3 @ 7W5D
9/25 - U/S 4 @ 9W5D - One hb remaining (Thank God!), second HB not found. Major bleed around 9/23
10/1 - U/S 5 @ 10W4D - No HBs found. Major Bleed around 9/28. Second U/S very next day just to be 200% sure. No HB. My Precious babies, goodbye. You will always have a part of me with you.
1/2013: Genetic Tests on POC could not be performed. Genetic tests for hubby are normal. I have one Factor v Leiden Gene - started on baby aspirin a day.

4/2013 - FET.

4/23/2013 - Transfered 2 embryos

5/5 (12dp) & 5/7 (14dp) - Betas - 443 & 1172 - Fingers crossed so very hard this BFP is for the long haul!

5/21 - 1st Ultrasound @ 6W4D- 2 HBs - Twin A 6W3D  Twin B 5W6D

5/28 - 2nd Ultrasound @ 7W4D - FX I get to see both twins growing strong!


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Posted 05 September 2012 - 10:54 AM

I was on Accutane as a teen and have Unexplained IF... I have always wondered if there was a link between the two or not?

Me: 40 DB 31
Started TTC when i was 29 turning 30. My ex and I tried for 6 years. Then decided we hadn't come close to getting pregnant with trying everything but IVF, so we decided to live child free.
We divorced and I met a man 10 years younger than me who encouraged me to try again, knowing there was a very good chance I may never make him a father. We are now doing IVF with ICSI (because of my age). No time to waste!

Dec 28/12-CD1
Dec 31-CD3 u/s & b/w. Scan shows 6 follies, Estrogen a bit high but will proceed with meds and may convert to IUI cycle if necessary
Dec 31-CD3 starting stims. 300iu Puregon & 75iu Menopur
Jan 3rd-2013 CD7 u/s & b/w. Scan shows 7 follies and great uterine lining. Adding orgalutran
Jan 5th CD9 u/s & b/w all good. Still have 7 follies
Jan 7th CD 11 HCG trigger shot tonight
Jan 9th CD13-Egg Retrieval
Jan 10th CD14 Retreived 5 eggs at ER, 3 fertilized, possibly the 4th too..they are watching it
Jan 12th CD15 Will do a 3 Day transfer of 3 embies (and hope to freeze the 4th if it grows)

Jan 12th -3 day ET. Transfered 4 embies...we wanted to transfer 3 and freeze one, but the embryologist said the 4th was slow growing and it would have a better chance inside me and might not make it to freeze, so we transferred all 4!!

Jan 23-11dp3dt BETA....Praying for my first ever BFP!!

#8 Dr. Kimberly Liu

Dr. Kimberly Liu
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Posted 20 September 2012 - 09:03 PM

I have meber heard of any long-term issues with accutane with either male or female fertility. Accutane is a common medication, and many people will have been on it. Therefore, there will be a large number of people who had been on it and now have infertility, but to my knowledge there is no connection. Accutane should not be taken during or immdiately before trying to concieve, as it can be associated with higher risk of birth defects.

Good luck,
Dr. Kim Liu