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PCRM vs Genesis?

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#1 bankruptforbaby


    This was supposed to be easy...

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Posted 10 August 2012 - 12:21 PM

My partner and I just got the go ahead from our GP to start looking into assisted reproductive technology after my partner's SA came back with low morphology and low motility.

We had a private SA at PCRM, so we naturally decided to continue with them and have our consultation booked for September 19, 2012. However, after a quick search, I see that Genesis boasts a higher success rate for women under 35 years of age, but that some people call it 'a revolving door'.

Is anyone here able to compare the two? Should we stay the course with PCRM? Obviously we want a baby and the best care, but we don't want to throw thousands of dollars at a clinic that maybe isn't the best. Comments?

Thanks so much!

#2 AngelinaB

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Posted 10 August 2012 - 02:54 PM

I've been a client at both. I must say in my personal experience, Genesis is far superior in every way. Yes, they take a lot of patients, but they have a huge staff of amazing doctors and nurses. I never once felt neglected or overlooked in any way. Also, I found Dr. Roberts at PCRM to be rather cold and clinical, whereas all doc's and nurses at Genesis are caring and compassionate and take a personal interest in me. My RE called me personally and welcomed my emails and promptly answered when I wanted to talk with him. I would reccomend Genesis to anyone. BUT, that is just my opinion and experience. I have heard many say they like PCRM and Dr. Roberts. But it just wasn't for me. Hope this helps!

#3 Kimmy

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Posted 10 August 2012 - 03:32 PM

I only delt with Genisis but I really liked them. I think you should make appointments at each and see how you feel. You'll probably fine a bunch if people who either like or dislike each clinic so you might just have to see each for yourself. Good luck choosing your clinic and with your future cycles.
TTC since 2007
>Me-dont ovulate all the time and I have poor egg quality
>DH-low sperm count

>Jan 23 2009 miscarrage natural conception no fertility treatments

>3 Back to back IUI's June to August of 2009. All BFN :(

>1st IVF/ICSI November 2009
>10 eggs collected 6 fertilized 2 put back none to freeze
>AF one week later BFN

>2nd IVF/ICSI Feburary 2011
>11 eggs collected 8 fertalized 2 put back none to freeze
>Got AF so I went for a blood test. Levels came back at 41 so they thought I was having a miscarrage. Went back 2 days later and levels were at 46 so they thought I wasnt micarrying proper and might need a D&C. Went back 6 days later levels shot up to 184 so they thought I passed 1 embryo but was pregnant with the other. Went back 2 days later levels down to 169 got AF 2 days later.
>This is when they said I have poor egg quality.

> Decided to go a head with donor embryo cycle at PNWF in Seattle.
>started Lupron feb 26 2012 and started out donor embryo cycle
>March 6 and 20 lining looks great all set for a march 28 transfer
>show up with full badder March 28 to find out the embryos we chose didn't make the thaw. Picked new ones and they looked great! Transferred 2 beautiful blasts that afternoon.
>First beta April 7 number was 718!! BFP!
>Second beta April 9 number was 1286! Looking good
>had a huge bleed so I went for my u/s. have a clot but also a baby with a heart beat! Clot shouldnt cause any problems but might be around for the first trimester.
>Follow up u/s May 9th
>Follow up u/s went great HB of 157! Clot getting smaller.
>another u/s booked for May 23
>u/s went great again! HB of 163! Baby moved a lot for us very exciting! Dr could no longer find clot. Good news!
>EDD December 14 2012!
>Baby couldn't wait and decided to come early.
>Water broke and my baby boy Logan James was born on November 13th!
>He was 6lbs 12oz! Not bad for almost 5 weeks early!
>Spent 5 days in the NICU and a total of a week in hospital

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#4 ddyinwaitng

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 05:29 PM

You are going to get mixed reviews, if people get a BFP at Genesis it is the best place in the world, if BFN then......My wife and I went to Genesis and were unsuccessful with IVF there. We had some friends that went to Genesis and PCRM, they were unsuccessful at both places but preferred PCRM over Genesis.

Personally I would not go back to Genesis, I found the Dr's to all be on different pages when it comes to treatments, etc....one will say do this, then the other may say it's pointless....I always left there with lots of questions, they never seemed to be forcoming with info, i always felt like i had to pry stuff out of them.

There is a new fertility clinic called Grace, run by Dr Cheung from UBC. Clinic is supposed to be state of the art, plus he is the only Dr there, so I would think it would be more personal...maybe give that a shot.

I would suggest you check out all the clinics, IVF is not cheap so you want to make sure you feel good with Dr that is going to be helping you.

good luck!

#5 LSP

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 12:08 AM

I was a patient of UBC when they closed the doors. I had a consult with Dr. Roberts at PCRM but also found him very cold and with little personality. I left feeling that PCRM was not the place for me. I then saw Dr. Nakhuda at Genesis and felt vet comfortable with him. He has been great with answering my email questions by either a prompt email or a call. I have not done a IVF cycle yet but an happy with genesis so far.

Me: 36 (only one fallopian tube) DH: 39 (low morphology)
Married & TTC since November 2004
11 year old furbaby

April, 2007: Pregnant naturally; June 30, 2007: First ultrasound (12 weeks) – No heartbeat :-(; July 2007: Miscarried

Referred to UBC – Patient of Dr. Williams
May 2008: Removal of left fallopian tube (Hydrosalpinx found in HSG (scar tissue from 2006 Abdominal Surgery))
2008 - 2010: 3 IUI (2 w/ Clomid) = All BFN

June 2011: IVF/ICSI #1 (23 eggs (22 Mature); 7 blastocysts; 1 transferred; 6 snowbabies). Severe OHSS (Hospitalized for 4 days – 8 litres drained, Beta positive but only 41). Beta increased to 5000 over the weeks, but ectopic; Methotrexateadministered twice; Miscarried
Jan 2012: FET #1 (2 blasts transferred) = BFN
Mar 2012: FET #2 (2 blasts transferred) = BFN

Transferred to Genesis – Patient of Dr. Nakhuda
May/June 2012: FET #3 (2 blasts transferred) = BFN
Sept.10.2012: Follow-up appointment with RE; Sept.24.2012: Orientation & Started taking Estrace (Estrace Priming Antagonist Protocol) Oct.3.2012: Started stims (75 Menopur & 150 Gonal F); Oct.7.2012: E2 = 1400; Oct.8.2012: E2 = 2600; 25 Follicles (RO: 15; LO: 10) 10mm each; Oct.10.2012: E2 = 4600; Oct.12.2012: E2 = 14352; Trigger shot at 10:30pm; Started Dostinex
Oct.14.2012: Egg Retrieval (19 Retrieved, 17 Mature, 16 Fertilized); Oct.19.2012: Embryo Transfer (11 blastocysts; 1 4BB transferred; 10 snowbabies); Oct.31.2012: Beta #1 = 110; Nov.7.2012: Beta #2 = 1547; Nov.19.2012: First Ultrasound 7w1d (measuring 6w, saw heartbeat); Nov.26.2012: Second Ultrasound 8w1d (measuring 6w5d; heartbeat 120bpm); Dec.3.2012: Third Ultrasound 9w1d (measuring 8w1d; heartbeat 166bpm); Dec.27.2012: NT Scan (3.5mm) & First Trimester Bloodwork @ 12w4d (measuring 11w6d); Jan.18.2013: Second Trimester Bloodwork @ 15w5d; Jan.23.2013: First Appt with OB. Looks like a BOY!!; Jan.24.2013: Received a call from OB - 1:6 chance of DS; 1:1700 chance of Trisomy 13 & 18; Jan.28.2013: Meeting with Genetic Counsellor; Jan.29.2013: Amniocentesis (Measuring 1.5 weeks behind); Feb.1.2013: RAD Results back - Baby Boy does not have DS or Trimsomy 13 or 18 (Later found out chromosomes all normal); Feb.12.2013: Detailed Ultrasound - Found Severe heart defects, still high fluid at back of neck, limb abnormalities, missing bones, and measuring 1.5 weeks behind. Met with Genetic Counsellor and Doctor. Diagnosis very grim; Feb.21.2013: D & E :-( Our precious baby boy Evan Kenneth went to Heaven at 20w 4d. Heartbroken.Aug.15.2013: Autopsy confirms ultrasound findings and additional problems. No specific syndrome identified.

Oct/Nov.2013: FET #4 (eSET) (Sept.21 - BCP; Oct.12 - Synarel; Oct.16 - AF; Oct.24 -Estrace; Nov.8 - Lining Check Ultrasound; Nov.14 - ET; Nov.26 - Beta #1 = 300; Dec.3 - Beta #2 = 11,074; Dec.4 Ultrasound @5w3d = measuring 5w4d singleton; Dec.10 - Ultrasound @6w2d = measuring 6w2d; Dec.21 - Ultrasound @ 7w6d = measuring 7w3d, HB=148; Jan.6 - Ultrasound @ 10w1d = 10w, HB=172 (Graduated from fertility clinic)) Jan.27 - NT Scan @13w2d = 1.2mm, and measuring 13w3d; Feb.17 - 16w detailed ultrasound = all looks great; Feb.27 OB appt - found out we are Team Pink :-); Mar.18 - 20w detailed ultrasound and fetal echocardiogram = Baby girl looks great! I am diagnosed with vasa previa and marginal placenta previa; Mar.31 OB appt; Apr.8 detailed ultrasound; hospitalized for Vasa Previa and Cholestasis at 34w5d; Schedule C-Section at 35w5d; July 3, 2014 our precious baby girl, Emily Anna, was born weighing 5lbs 3oz, 18.75 inches long :-) We are overjoyed!!!


  August.2016: FET #5 (eSET) (July.21 - Synarel; Aug.8 - AF; Aug.8(pm)- Estrace; Aug.23 - Lining Check Ultrasound; Aug.25 - stop Synarel, Start Endometrin; Aug.30 - FET of 1 Embryo (4BB); Sept.9 (10p5dt) beta = 23; Sept.12 (13dp5dt) beta = 9 :(

#6 yvr_bby

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 04:55 AM

i don't have experience with pcrm...but went to Genesis for ivf/icsi. Genesis is a revolving door..patients are treated like expendables. we had a terrible experience with the clinic. very hurried appointment with the doctor, once the process starts you see different doctors..some have awful bedside manner
The worst thing is that the nurses are extremely arrogant, very hard to communicate with if you need help. After the embryo transfer, they just try to forget about you as you have already paid out the money...very little followup.
Research all your options before going to this ivf clinic.

#7 MPH

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 12:54 PM

Wow yvr_bby, I had the exact OPPOSITE experience at Genesis. I have found every doctor I encountered and every nurse as well to be caring and compassionate. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.
Me: 30- repaired septum but otherwise everything normal
DH: 34- all tests normal
February 2010- Time to have a baby! Ha!

March 2011- Finally go see my GP about not being pregnant (wish I had gone sooner). Got referral to OB/GYN
June 2011- HSG shows septated uterus, OB/GYN says its no big deal, here is some Clomid to help speed things along. Bloodwork looks fine, T's SA is "excellent"
Sept-Nov, 2011- 50mg Clomid x3-BFN's Meanwhile, not convinced that a septum is "nothing to worry about", ask my GP for a referral to Genesis
Nov 18, 2011- First meeting with RE. He is shocked that my septum was not dealt with, says that my HSG also showed a polyp...hmm, the OB/GYN never said anything about that
End of November, 2011- In office hysteroscopy shows large polyp and large septum...I need surgery!
January 25, 2012- Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy: resect septum, remove polyp, tubes are open, no endo, everything looks good! You'll be pregnant within a few months...right...
May-July, 2012- Clomid/IUI's x3- BFN's...likely moving onto IVF

August 29, 2012- Follow-up hysteroscopy shows small septum remains but no need for additional surgery at this point
Sept 4, 2012- IVF orientation- RE recommends ICSI due to long-term unexplained infertility (best decision we ever made)
Sept 9, 2012- Start Synarel nasal spray! Here we go!
Sept 21, 2012- Start stims (Menopur/Bravelle)
Oct 2, 2012- Egg retrieval- 19 eggs!
Oct 3, 2012- This is where it goes downhill. 12 eggs mature and ICSI'd. Only 2 fertilize. Devastated. Guess we are "unexplained" no longer...his super sperm do not like my eggs!
Oct 4, 2012- Day 2 transfer of both embies...looking good...4B and 4C.
Oct 17, 2012- Dark second line on HPT!
Oct 19, 2012- Beta #1...572!!

Oct 25, 2012- Beta #2...3577
Nov 7, 2012- 7 w1d-First Ultrasound...TWINS! OMG! Due date June 25, 2013. Both our tiny day 2's made it! Unbelievable!
Nov 11, 2012- 7w5d-Big gush of bright red blood...is this how it's going to end?
Nov 12, 2012- Emergency ultrasound...both still there and looking great! No cause for the bleeding. Let's hope it doesn't happen again!
Nov 17, 2012- 8w4d- More gushes of blood followed by lots of spotting. ENOUGH!
Nov 19, 2012- Another scan, all is well. No need for further scans unless it gets much worse. Officially graduate from the fertility clinic.
Dec 12, 2012- 12w1d- Nuchal Translucency scan. SCH found as cause of the continued bleeding. Babies look great and so adorable!
Dec 28, 2012- 14w3d- Follow-up scan to make sure the SCH is shrinking. Much smaller now and I'm no longer bleeding every day! Finally!
Feb 6, 2013- 20w1d- Anatomy scan...plan to stay Team Green! Can't wait to see them again! They are moving tons and I'm looking HUGE!

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#8 Hopefulmom2012

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Posted 05 December 2012 - 02:44 PM

I've been having a great experience with the staff at Genesis. Dr Nakhuda is my Dr. And it's not based on getting a BFP. I've been through an IVF protocol which was cancelled due to only getting two follicles; turned into insemination, ended in BFN.
I did see a different dr each of the 3 times I went in for my US and each shared their opinions. They were all "slightly" different. What some people may not know, is that midday, apparently all Drs get together for a meeting to discuss their patients, findings and what the best steps to take are.
I LOVE the thought that there is so much care and discussion and opinion in the steps to get me pregnant. Not just one persons opinion.
The empathy from all Drs and nurses is amazing. I would definitely recommend Genesis.
Me: Low AMH 0.35/ Endo
Aug. 2011 - Natural Pregnancy - MC
Oct. 2012 - IVF #1 (Menopur, Gonal F, Orgalutran) - only 1 follicle. IVF cancelled/changed to IUI - BFN
Feb. 2013 - IVF #2 (Increased Menopur, Gonal F, Saizen, Orgalutran)
Feb. 17 - ER - 3 mature follicles. 2 eggs retrieved - only 1 egg through ICSI.
Feb. 19 - 1 four cell perfect embryo transferred.
Mar. 6 - Beta - 853!!! (15dp2dt)
Mar. 13 - Beta - 14,778 (22dp2dt)
Nov. 2013 - Baby Girl born!
Aug. 2014 - IVF #3 (Menopur, Puregon, Saizen, Lupron)ER - 7 follicles, 5 mature/fertilized. 2 Embryos - 5 day transfer. None to freeze.
Sept. 2014 - BFN
Feb. 2015 - IVF #4 - (Menopur, Puregon, Saizen, Lupron) Cancelled cycle after 10 days of stims. (Didn't respond well)
May 2015 - IVF # 5 started (Menopur, Bravelle, Saizen, Orgalutran)
June 9 - 4 eggs retrieved
June 12 - 3 embryos, 3 day transfer
June 25 - Beta 198! BFP!!!
July 2 - Beta 3339!!
Just waiting for Ultrasound in July 8.