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Early period after cancelled IVF cycle

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#1 elephantshoes

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Posted 06 August 2012 - 06:24 PM

I'm going to preface this post with a big TMI info incase anyone wants to stop reading right now!

For our first shot at IVF I called in my CD1 and was told to come in on CD3 - everything looked good and I was put on BCP for just under two weeks - so for most of the BCP I had my period.

Then once I stopped BCP, I began stimming and about 3 days in my period came again - lasted until about CD8 of stims. On CD11 I was cancelled due to a drop in estrogen.

That was 5 days ago...which would put me at about CD13-CD16!?!?

The last two days I had brown to pink spotting and I figured it was probably from ovulating of the 20+ follies that I had on either side.

Yesterday and today DH and got to baby making the old fashioned way and I am now bleeding bright red - lots.

I'm wondering if this is a period??? It seems awfully early...

A bit more info is that I have PCOS - have been on met for about 6 months now and my period dropped from being 30-40 days apart to a perfect 28 day cycle this past time.

Does anyone have any experience with an early period after a cancelled IVF cycle?

IVF 1 - cancelled, oversuppressed

IVF 2 - cancelled, ovulated through stims

IVF 3 - BFP, welcomed beautiful baby girl

FET 1 - 1 blast, BFN

FET 2 - 1 blast BFP, chemical

FET 3 - 2 blasts, BFN

IVF 4 - adding in PGS this time, two PERFECT blasts transferred, BFN

Endo biopsy revealed my implantation window is off - can be fixed through drugs - yay!

IVF 5 - cancelled, ridiculously bad growth compared to other cycles

IVF 6 - transfer cancelled, all 11 blasts came back genetically abnormal


getting second opinion/changing clinics...the story continues...


IVF 7 - 34 retrieved, 7 day 5 blasts, 6 PGS NORMAL!!!

Took a package at work...DH says no baby until I've been working for at least 6 months....boooo!  Hoping for a Dec 2016 transfer...

FET 4 - 1 euploid blast (4BB), BFN

#2 Myrtle

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 04:45 PM

I think the BC messed your cycle up. I'm not sure which I would even count as a period. I'm thinking the bleeding during the stims was your period, and I would wait and see with the bleeding you are having now and see if it is just light, or turns into an actual period. Your cervix may also be irritated due to the stims & BD.

See my profile for more details.  


Me: 42 DH: 37

DS #1 conceived naturally, born Dec. 1st, 2008

January 2010, Begin TTC #2
September 2011 start charting
April 2011 Consult with RE.
All tests normal. No problems found.
Two IUIs. BFN.
February 2012 IVF #1 -BFN.
FET July 2012- BFN.
IVF#2  Fall 2012
Hysteroscopy Tues. 8/21
PGD 2 out of 11 embryos are normal and put back in. Beta November 7th. BFN.


Further testing - the RPL test- results in suspected immune issues.  Recommended protocol to take baby aspirin 

and possibly steroid.

Start taking baby aspirin.

April 4th 2013. Surprise BFP, chemical pregnancy.

IVF #3 - May 2013

April 8th start BCP.  Keep taking baby aspirin.  

April 19th - start 5mg/day of dexamethasone (steroid) 

Starting weekly acupuncture April 19th.  

May 1st- blood test come back positive for hyperthyroidism.  STOP EVERYTHING.

Referral to endocrinologist.  Appointment on June 20th, 2013.  

Have a prescription for vitamin d and for propylthiouracil.  started June 26th.

Blood tests at the end of July and end of August to see if all is well.  

Doctor hinted I might be cleared to go back to IVF as soon as September.  


October 8th, thyroid is now fine.  Cleared to start IVF.


IVF #3.5 October 2013

Oct. 18th - start BCP, dexamethasone and baby aspirin.

Nov. 1st - start .5ml buserelin each night.

Nov. 4th - last BCP

Nov. 14th - 1st u/s.  

Nov. 27h - ER.  11 Eggs Retrieved.  

Nov. 28th- Embryo update:  12 eggs retrieved.  10 mature.  8 fertilized.  

Dec. 2nd 2 embryos transferred 5-d-t.  Also mild OHSS diagnosis.

Dec. 13th - Beta blood test.  BFN.


Done with IVFs.