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Your BEST family vacation experience?

with your TODDLER

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#1 doodle bug

doodle bug
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Posted 14 July 2012 - 11:17 PM

Ok, I'm coming here to ask you wise parents about your experiences.

Our girls are 19 months old and the "fly for free" time period is going to be coming to and end soon! (Boo Hoo!)
I'm desperate for a vacation, and we havent really been on one as a family unit yet (that didnt include visiting family-and if your family is anything like mine, that's not always stress free)

I was thinking an all-inclusive beach holiday (probably Mexico) at a kid friendly resort, but I'm concerned ...
1. the sand will be too hot on their little feet (it was today and we're only in Vancouver!)
2. the ocean will pose a constant threat (no reading and sunbathing for me)
3. I will forget to put sun block some place and they will get a burn
4. we wont be able to really relax and do the things we want, like scuba dive

For those of you who have been on a beach vacation with toddlers (walking, running, falling toddlers) how was it? We were in Miami Beach when they were 4 months old, but they werent walking, so they just layed there on the blanket. No problem..just had to keep them in the shade. Today at the beach, the hot sand burned their feet or got into their shoes.. the ocean scared them and the shells (and other crap on the beach) that they picked up went straight into their mouths....((sigh))

Then we were thinking of renting a cottage (in Ontario) but I'm worried I'll get in BIG trouble if my mom and DH's grandma find out we were there and didn't visit..... And, really, is being at a lake front cottage for a few weeks with twin toddlers going to be mayhem? I'm afraid we'd end up wrecking the place.......bye bye damage deposit....

I'd love to go someplace relaxing, and natural (no shopping/cities/crowds). I am open to Euorpe, UK, North America or Mexico. I would love to go between late August and November... ...Ideally 3 weeks....??

Any ideas from you ladies???

I'd love to hear how others with toddlers have spent wonderful family vacations.

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#2 ValleyGirl

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Posted 15 July 2012 - 08:18 AM

Why not get them a couple little pairs of those little water shoes? Also, my DH and I went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico in November and it was gorgeous (and safe!). Another beautiful (and less commercial option) is Caya Coco, Cuba. Bon voyage!

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#3 KiwiGal

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Posted 15 July 2012 - 08:31 AM

My parents travelled with us constantly, even when we were babies! We went camping and did road trips every summer. It may not have been very relaxing for them, but we enjoyed it. What about renting an RV?
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#4 Janice_trying

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 12:20 PM

My first DS had been on 5 major vacations before his second birthday (Mayan Riviera - 9 months, Mayan Riviera - 11 months (unfortunately we were at the hotel that exploded, thankfully none of us hurt, but turned us off Mexico), Oahu HI (16 months), cruise Canada/New England, NYC 19 months, Oahu HI 23 months. The first resort we stayed at in Mayan Riviera was awesome for kids (Sensatori Azul - if you want more info DM me). But I have to say we fell in love with Hawaii. Can be relaxing and just stay around beach/pool, but also had lots to see and do. We felt much safer there than Mexico (again we had a horrible experience with the explosion and saw how crisis and medical emergencies treated first hand). From an actual physical safety thing and medical thing we felt very comfortable in Hawaii. Lifeguards on the beaches (not all but we swam at ones that did), police / security felt reliable and helpful, driving around felt safer, medical care, emergency response good. DS loved all of the vacations.

We are going back to Hawaii in November and going to California in September to see SeaWorld, Disneyland, San Diego zoo etc. Will be our first vacation with both boys!
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