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Low fertilization rates using ICSI help!


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#1 Heregoesnothing



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Posted 25 June 2012 - 07:34 PM

Hi Ladies,

I'm currently waiting for my WTF appointment following a BFN. We've had two cycles thus far, both pretty bad in my opinion!

The first cycle was as follows:

5 eggs retrieved
3 fertilized naturally... NO ICSI used! (60% fertilization rate... though kind of unfair stat given such a low # of eggs)
Cycle cancelled b/c non made it to blast

The second cycle was as follows:

13 mature eggs
5 fertilized using ICSI (38%)
3 made it to day 3... 2 were transferred.
1 made it to blast at day 6, but was too low quality to freeze

The embryologist told us these results were most likely due to egg quality as well having MF. I'm very confused as I am only 31 years old. Could this really be happening to me?

Any experiences/advice for my WTF appointment would be greatly appreciated!

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IVF #1  March 2012

Egg Retrieval:   Only 5 wee-guys - 3 fertilized -  None of them survived... cycle cancelled.

IVF #2  June 2012

Retrieval: 13 eggs - 5 fertilized - transferred two grade A embryos on Day 3. One blast at day 6 - but not good enough quality to freeze - th_abfn.gif 


IVF #3 - August 2012
Retrieval - 15 eggs retrieved, 14 fertilized - 
 Transferred 2 blasts. None to freeze - Aug. 27th: th_abfp.gif

May 6th, 2013

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IVF #4 - March 2014

Egg retrieval:  4 eggs - 3 fertilized

Day 3:  2 left - 1- 6 cells - 1 - 8 cells

Day 5: Cycle cancelled.  Both embryos have stopped developing.


IVF #5:  ... 


#2 notalone2

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 07:38 PM

I would ask what you can do to improve egg quality and what they recommend your next steps are based on the low fertilization rates. Good luck
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March 2011 first meeting at Ofc - slight male factor poor morph
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July 2011 iui2 - 2 follicles - bfn
October 2011 iui3 - 1 lead follicle fee fast - bfn
January 2012 iui4 converted to ivf - 5 eggs retrieved 0 fertilization - no transfer
June 2012 ivf #2 12 eggs retrieved 9 mature 8 fertilized with iCsi - 2 blasts Transfered day 5, 2 frosties - bfn
Nov 2012 FET - thawed our only frosties (2) only one survived. Transfer 1 blast 3BB
BFP nov 20

#3 rokgerl

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 08:53 PM

I too was told that I had egg quality issues after our first IVF. While my eggs fertilized fine, we had highly fragmented embryos, which points to an egg quality problem. Although I am a bit older than you (34 years old) they, and I, were completely surprised by these results. It was the furthest thing from what we expected. We did IVF #2 and had better growing embryos but the same fragmentation...I took DHEA for 8 weeks prior as well as CoQ10 and vitamin D. Although my 2nd IVF gave us a BFP, it sadly ended in m/c. Maybe ask them what they thicken of DHEA and CoQ10? Could be what you need to get that extra little boost!

Good luck!

#4 tjluvbug

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 09:05 PM

We had really poor fertilization with our first ivf, I am also 31 yrs old and I was concerned about egg quality too. Doc sid that eggs looked good prior to fertilization, how did yours look? I had DH take lots of supplements and so did before our next cycle and we ended up doubling our fertilization.
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