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#1 IVF LSC what are our chances?

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#1 babywish24

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Posted 24 April 2012 - 09:31 PM

I know you guys are not doctors but, I guess experienced enough to know what I am talking about, since most of you live it at this moment as much as I am.
We have had 3 failed IUI's and are now forced to do IVF w ICSI. Right now we are assuming it is Male factor due to my young age (testing will be done on me next month to make 100% sure) I am 24 and he is 37 so our Doctor at the FC said we have wonderful chances to have a successful first IVF w ICSI.
I guess my question is (trying to grasp any glimpse of hope here) how many of you were successful with only MF issues using IVF w ICIS?
Thank you so much for your time to read and respond to this!

#2 Proud_IVF_Mommy

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 10:29 AM

we did 3 failed IUIs before having our BFP on our very first IVF w ICSI. Our only issue is MF all my testing came back normal. So it can be done. We were given these stats by our RE.....natural - less than 2%......IUI - 15-20%......IVF - 25-35%....IVF w ICSI - 50%

wishing you all the best in your upcoming testing and cycling!!Posted Image

TTC#1 for 3 years before being blessed with an IVFwICSI Miracle in Jan, 2010

TTC #2 for 3 years ~ No luck so far ~ IVF & FET cycles a bust.  Moving onto donor sperm. Not sure when yet...

Check out my profile for info on previous cycles

Sept 2013 - Still waiting on referral to an IF Specific Urologist - Hubs wants a second opinion before he ok's the donor sperm

#3 Ope

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 11:10 AM

Given your age and the fact that so far nothing wrong with you, I would say very good chance, and if you end up transferring 2embryos, be prepared for twins.LOL.
Seriously, mild male factor is the easiest problem, to deal with generally. ( you have only a mild problem if they suggested to try IUI)

Back when we started our diagnosis was male factor , with extreme low morphology like 1%. It was so bad that they did not even suggest to IUI because there was so few normal looking sperm. I was 32 and had no problem whatsoever. Our very first IVF/ICSI worked and we had a healthy boy born 9 months later.
When we started again my dh sperm improved , so they even suggested IUI that time. Unfortunately my hormones were messed up, and none of them worked. Then we tried IVF 3 times, which were all cancelled because my hormones/ cyst were all over the place. after going some gluten free sugar free diet , my cyst dissapeared, andmy hormonswere ok, we did IVF, and it my beta just came back positive so I pg again.

My opinion that mild male factor is easy to deal with. If there is a handful of healthy sperm and the women uterus is good and can produce good eggs, you are going to take home a baby. Let face it the male sperm plays such a tiny part of the whole reproduction ;)
right now me : 37 Dh:40

TTC #1: natural TTC 1.5 yrs
Dh: 35, Severe Male factor infertility, morphology is 1-2%
Me: 32 , tubes open, no endo, regular ovulation, all hormones are good, 3rd day FSH 5.3 , antral follicle count is 12, only problem is my weight BMI: 30

IVF/ ICSI #1: 2008 February -McGill, Montreal
Long protocol: BCP for 1 month, burselin from CD21, 300 Gonal F and 150 Luveris for 10 days
ER: 11 egg , 6 mature , 5 fertilized, 3rd day transfer:a 7 cell & an 8 cell embyos, no frosties.
1st beta : 13dp3dt: 77, BFP
2008,November 19th: Adam has arrived 7 lb 4 oz, 21"

TTC #2: natural TTC 1.5 yr
Dh :39 morphology went up to 4%, we meet the IUI cutoff! count are fluctuating from 30 to 105 million, motility is great. Caryotyping is normal
Me: 36 FSH is slightly elevated and keep rising 8.5, 8.8, 8.9, 9.8 , AFC is still 12, everything else looks good.

IUI #1: Edmonton, 2011 January ,Clomid 50mg (x5), 106 mil ,68% motile, grade 4 :BFN
IUI #2: Edmonton, 2011 February, Clomid 50mg (x5), 30 mil, 57% motile, grade 3: BFN
IUI #3: Edmonton, 2011 March, Clomid 50mg (x5), 88 mil , 49% motile, grade 4: BFN
IVF#2: 2011 May, Edmonton: long protocol , nasal suprefact : CANCELLED due to high progresteron & cyst
IVF#3: 2011 August, Edmonton: short protocol/natural start: CANCELLED due to high progesterone
IVF#4: 2001 September, Edmonton: short protocol with BCP: CANCELLED due to high progresteron & cyst
Change clinic

IVF #5: 2012 March-April Hungary: stimulation starts march 28, 300 Menopur
mixed protocol: BCP for months, CD3: Menopur 300& lupron for 8 days
ER : April 8th , 4 eggs retrieved, all were mature and fertilized with ICSI and AH
ET : April 11th, 1 A quality 8 cell, and 1 A quality 4 cell embryo transferred, no frosties.
BFP on the HPT at 7dp3dt: happy 37th birthday to me :D
Beta: , 12dp3dt: 150, 2nd Beta, 15dp3dt: 550
Anna has arrived on 21st December after being induced at 39 week. She is 6 lb 9 oz, 20" , and has blue eyes, and long dark brown hair and just perfect !