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#1 faith66

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 11:33 AM


My husband was refferred to a urologist after 2 SA. His last count was .001/ml (so I guess like 3000) sperm. The notes at the bottom say "ICSI" Appear possible. All my tests are normal. I am wondering what additional tests the urologist will have us do? We are ready just to move on with IVF, is there some tests that are required before that can happen? Thanks for your response.

Me: 28
DH: 30

Me: 29- 30 No Issues DH: 30-  32 low low Sperm Count (200,000)- Motility, Morphology and Genetics= Normal
Sept 24th, 2012 - 1st IVF/ICSI: Transferred 1 Beautiful Hatching blast 4BB (1 other on ice)
More details about my journey in about me Section on my profile
June 4th, 2013: Beautiful Baby Girl Born- 7lbs 8ozs- Perfect as can be! We are so in love. 

September 22, 2014: FET #1..... Fingers crossed.
Oct 6, 2014: Beta- BFP! Beta: 340
Oct 8, 2014: second Beta: 882
Oct 14, 2014: Early U/S- 6W: Sac/yolk and heartbeat seen (92bpm)
Oct 22, 2014: U/S- 7W: Growing on track (126bpm)
Oct 29, 2014: U/S: 8W: Everything looks great (154bpm)

Nov 13, 2014: U/S: 10W1D: "A1 ultrasound" (154bpm). Standing on his head, waving his arms and legs.Too cute.

Dec 1, 2014: IPS Screening & U/S: U/S looked normal.. waiting on bloods

Jan 12, 2015: GENDER U/S--- GIRL!!!
Due Date: June 9, 2015




#2 onawingandapraye

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 11:54 AM


My husband met with a urologist after his SA came back with zero sperm. The urologist did a biopsy to see if he was at least producing sperm and found that thankfully he was and it was all mature. The Dr's then refferred us to IVF/ICSI in Calgary. The Calgary clinic made him do a blood test for Cystic Fibrosis as it is mandatory there anyways when there is male fertility. My tests all came back good as well. That test takes 4-6 weeks they said for the results. After that one comes back (should have been back beginning of this week) we are good to keep calling in my periods to the hotline and wait for our name to come up the list.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Me: 34 (35 for 3rd try - 36 when daughters were born)
DH: 32 (33 -34)

June 2011 - diagnosed with Male issues - Edmonton Fertility Clinic
End of October 2011- Transferred file to Calgary regional fertility clinic
Mid November - 2011- Calgary regional fertility clinic orientation date - March 8th-9th
December 10th 2011 - biopsy on DH to see if he has swimmers
January 4th 2012- Biopsy results--- oh happy day he has perfect mature boys
March 9th 2012 - officially on waiting list for IVF cycle #1
April 20th 2012 - DH Pesa to retrieve sperm

IVF #1
April 24th 2012 - got the call to start IVF
May 7th 2012 - Start superfact
May 18th 2012 - Ultrasound in Edmonton
May 20th 2012 - Start Gonal F 150
May 23rd 2012 - B/W increase Gonal F to 175
May 26th 2012- Calgary for U/S and B/W
May 28th 2012 - Increase gonal F to 325
May 30th 2012 - Decrease Gonal F to 175 too many follicles and BW high
May 31st 2012 - Coasting, levels increasing
June 2nd 2012 - Trigger shot 7500 IU
ER June 4 2012 - 11 eggs 8 mature 5 Embryos
ET June 9 2012 - Transfered 1embryo I already love and 1 more lovable embryo left to freeze
June 22 2012 - beta 503
June 26 2012 - beta #2 2077
July 2nd 2012 - beta #3 6838
July 10 2012 - 7 week ultrasound HOLY CRAP 1 beautiful embie became TWO beautiful babies yahoo.gif
July 18 2012 - ER ultrasound and no heartbeats. Not sure if I will try the frozen or just end the IVF journey here 8388.gif

FET #1
Oct 25th 2012 - Start superfact sniffing again
Nov 27th 2012 - transfer the last and winning baby bean
Dec 12th 2012 - test day
Chemical pregnancy sad.png

IVF fresh cycle #2
March 26 2013 - start superfact
April 9 2013 - Ultrasound in Edmonton

Bigger success with number two.  2 embies put back 3 frozen.   I guess not caring and not fixating on different changes worked.  lived my life as normal and 5 wonderful embryos made.

Twins!!!!  Even better success this time as both made it to term.  38.5 weeks two beautiful little girls were born Jan 5/14

#3 Dr. Tamer Said

Dr. Tamer Said
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Posted 16 April 2012 - 10:41 AM

The most important test would be those confirming the number, motility and viability of the limited number of sperm that were found. It is very important to confirm the quality of the sperm before proceeding with ICSI since they are very few in number.

Best wishes,
Tamer M. Said, MD, PhD, HCLD(ABB)
Director, Andrology Laboratory & Reproductive Tissue Bank
The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine - ReproMed
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Toronto, ON M8X 2W4
Email: tsaid@repromed.ca