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#1 Lisa1995

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Posted 02 January 2012 - 02:23 PM

Hi, I have been noticing a wonderful new autosave feature in the forums (no more losing long messages before posting is great) but it does not appear to work in PMs. Is this something you can make available?


TTC #1: starting in Feb 2005 "unexplained" (immune issues, elevated NK cells, 2 heterozygous MTHFR and 2 heterozygous thrombophilias - Factor XIII and PAI-1 mutations)
me-42, DH-42, married since 1995!
Tried: Naturopath, Chinese herbs, Acupuncture, Homeopathy
4 un-medicated IUI's BFN
IVF # 1 18 eggs retrieved, 16 mature, 8 out of 16 fertilized (1/2 ICSI, half IVF), 5 made it to day 5 blast, transferred two, froze 3
first ever BFP m/c
FET #1 medicated, transferred two, started spotting 2 days later, full blown AF 5 days later (decided I don't react well to Estrace, will do natural frozen next time) BFN
FET #2 natural (but still with progesterone (crinone) support, transferred last blast from IVF #1 BFN
IVF #2 16 eggs retrieved, decided not to do ICSI this time since cycle #1 showed eggs could fertilize on their own, only 3 fertilized! None made it to blast for transfer no transfer! Disaster!
IVF #3 decided to add some repronex to the stims and do all ICSI. 18 eggs, 17 mature and 15 fertilized, 8 made it to day 5 blast. Transferred two blasts, froze 6 BFN
FET#3 added 3 HCG booster shots and doubled up on the crinone to prevent me from spotting early (as I often do), transferred 2 blasts, no spotting but a BFN anyway
FET #4- added ovidral just before my natural ovulation so they could pin point it more accurately with the 36 hour window, HCG shots again, plus double crinone BFN
January 2009 Consult with new RE in Markham - he finds a small septum, resected April 29, 09 - tells me to now try my last two frozen blasts
FET #5 - ET scheduled for June 15 (natural cycle with trigger, HCG booster and crinone) - BFN
On to Plan B- Switch clinic to Markham for
#4 Fresh IVF with IVIg, exploring immune testing - start BCP Sept 20. ER around week of Oct. 25
9 eggs retrieved, 1 immature, 1 fractured. 7 to work with. 4 out of 7 fertilized (Day 3: 1 8 cell grade 1, 2 8 cell grade 2 and 1 morula). Day 5 transferred 1 great blast and 1 morula (1 morula and 1 10 cell did not make it to freezing).
Beta Nov. 11 - BFP! (550) I am in shock!
Issues with spotting, Nov 20, second beta 11,000 and early ultrasound: saw gestational sac and yolk sac in the right place but concern about a cyst or possible ectopic near my ovary as well, 4 more ultrasounds over a 10 day period, last ultrasound on Dec. 2 'cyst' has not grown and baby measuring on target at 7wks, 1day with a heart beat of 153bpm.
Now taking Lovenox due to 2 heterozygous thrombophilias
Ultrasound on Dec. 18 (9 weeks, 5 days) baby on track, hb 167
Ultrasound on Dec. 22 due to extra heavy spotting, baby still measuring on track, hb 167 and dancing
Ultrasound on Jan. 8 (12 weeks, 5 days) baby on track, hb 160, baby doing crunches!
18 week anatomy scan scheduled for Feb. 16 - they lost my blood work for the second part of the IPS so no results for that today (they took blood again) but the 18 week scan went great, baby looked awesome and even gave us a little wave in between sucking her thumb and inspecting her toes. Yes, I said "her" - it's a little girl!
20 week ultrasound at Mt. Sinai and they agree, so far so good.
IPS results are in and they are excellent!
EDD: July 19, 2010
Baby girl arrived at 39 weeks, 2 days! July 14, 2010 3:12 am, weighing 7 pounds even.
May 2013 - The IVF Journey continues...one last try to see if a sibling is in the cards...
Did LIT, IVIg, Lovenox and low dose aspirin. 5 eggs retrieved, 1 immature, 1 fractured, 3 to work with, 2 fertilized with ICSI.
June 5, day 3 transfer of 2 8 cell grade 2 embryos.BFN
April 2014, one very last try - natural IVF with intralipids this time, 2! dominant follicles, 2 mature eggs retrieved, both fertilize with ICSI, day 3 transfer scheduled for April 13, transferred 1 8-cell grade one and 1 6-cell grade one (also using Lovenox and low dose ASA) -BFN, we are really done, not sure if it is now my immune system, or old eggs now too.

#2 Rick


    Test Again

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Posted 02 January 2012 - 05:36 PM

Hi Lisa. I'm not sure if that can be integrated, probably not at this point.