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Ovarian Cyst and IVF

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#1 Emily81

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 06:16 AM

I am wondering if I may have developed a cyst. I had one last fall, and I have a similar feeling, pressure of what feels like my right ovary. I am hoping to call in my Day 1 for IVF next week. Should I mention it to the clinic? Does anyone know what my options will be if I have a cyst, I'm thinking cancelling or aspirating the cyst? I just booked my time off from work, and don't want to be cancelled! :crsd:

Me: 31, DH:34
? Mild PCOS/ Mild Male factor- Low Morph- 9%
TTC- Since Dec 2005

August/Sept 2009- IUI + injectabes cycle- BFN- was converted from IUI to IVF(20 follies growing) and then back to IUI(3 mature follies)....

IVF/ICSI cycle Sept/Oct 2010- BFP- (I insisisted on ICSI against my Drs wishes, and in the end we needed it)..
Oct 12- ER- 19 eggs, 15 mature, 6 fert
Oct 15- ET- morula- 18/20 & a 10 cell- 19/20 (Faith & Wish)
- OHSS starts 8dp3dt- Early beta in ER-636- 12dp3dt, #2- 4,267- 17dp3dt
Nov 23- 8 week u/s- TWINS
Incompetent Cervix diagnosed at 24 weeks. Hospital bedrest 24- 33 weeks due to 0.6 cm cervix, 1-2 cms dialated(at 24 weeks)
May 16th- 2011- Baby A breaks his water
May 18th- 2011- Boys arrive 33w1d
Baby A- CM- 4 lbs 4 oz, 17.5 in, 3:01 PM Baby B- CL- 4 lbs 2 oz, 16.5 in, 3:55 PM Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

#2 alwayshope

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 06:51 AM

Hi, I had a 2 small cyst's on my first cycle. They did not cancel my cycle because the Dr. seemed to think that being on the pill would shrink them. Unfortunately for me it did not work and my cycle was postponed but for a few reasons, not just the cyst. If they are small they may just go ahead and ignore them. I personally would not cancel until they have done the ultrasound and seen how big it is!
Good Luck

ttc:8 years
me:40 dh:36 ( started ivf at 35
oct 31:lap &hyst found both tubes blocked,dr opened right side Ivf sugested
april 10 starting clomid eeehhhh!
hopefully up coming iui end of april
april 15 1 foll 16mm left
1 fol 13mm right,linig 2.5mm yikes!!!
april 19,all looks good...iui today
april 20,2ww
Tubes removed nov 18th 2008. ouch!!!

August 26 start BCP YAH!!!!
sept 20th,ultrasound ..2cysts on right ovary,cant find left? 1 more week on BCP
sept 27th ultrasound 2 cysts are now BIGGER???? 2 more weeks on BCP arghhh

Cycle cancelled,non responsive to puregon Fsh 15.

IVF# 2
Jan 27,ER 5 follies
Jan 30,ET 2 good embies
Feb 01 ,Chemical pregnancy.

April 13 start Suprefact
April15 start Menopur
April 26 Er 9 follies,6 fertlised
May 01 Et 2 Excellent blsts
2ww begins.
May 10 beta #1 108 BFP yippeee
may 12 beta #2 314 !!!!
may 31 u/s
Jan 16 2011 my beautiful DD is born.

Dec 2011 FET ,chemical
April 2012 IVF #4
9 embies,3 transferred ,none to freeze
mc at 11 weeks

IVF #5 Jan 2013???

march 15 started menopur...fingers crossed.

March 29 ER 4 eggs

April 3 et of two blasts. other two did not make it to freeze. April 8 +hpt 5dp5dt Beta 9dp5dt= 444 Beta 12dp5dt=2164 !!!!! 1st scan 2 sacs ,1 hb 113b/m fx next scan 2nd h/b is there.

May...no heartbeat, both babies gone. IVF journey is over. No more $ no more tears.


Oct 2015. Moving on to adoption....please let this work!!

#3 leigh14

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Posted 17 August 2010 - 07:39 AM

When I was initially looking at starting a cycle it was discovered that I had a cyst. The doctor prescribed the birth control pill and the cyst was gone within a few weeks. Good luck!
Me: 40
Dx: DH: Vasectomy; need IVF/ICSI ME: D.O.R. and many immunological issues. (Initially presented as "normal" but issues were only discovered after IVF attempt #2 and #3 after testing at new clinic)
IVF attempt #1 Nov.2009, Age 37: Long "Lupron" protocol
Dec.2009: Cycle cancelled due to oversuppression
IVF attempt #2, Age 38: April 2010: 3 eggs retrieved, 2 mature, 2 fertilized, ET of 2 embryos BFN
IVF atempt #3 at new clinic: November 2010, Age 38: 5 eggs retrieved, 4 mature, 4 fertilized, ET of 2 blastocysts BFP
Strong beta numbers but babies not measuring on track but one heartbeat is present. Followup u/s reveals no HB's :( Had D&C--so sad.
Moved to new clinic closer to home + more of a focus on testing for potential immunological factors:
Further testing reveals three mutations related to inherited thrombophilia (2 MTHFR mutations and PA1-1 mutation), positive ANA, elevated NK cells and cytokines and low levels of leukocyte antibodies (LADS), Recommended Immunological treatment: Humira, LIT, IVig and blood thinners if PG
IVF Protocol: Low stim for me/ TESE needed for DH; took Humira in late August and early September; taking DHEA plus Co-Enzyme Q10, vitamins for DH just for good measure! September--two trips to Mexico for LIT treatment, treatments 3 weeks apart
Initial re-testing through Alan Beer Centre after some of the immune treatments reveals only cytokines were lowered, NKs still high and LAD numbers still low. Another LIT in Mexico is recommended. We decide to begin cycle on doctor's recommendation of just doing IVIG.
IVF#4, Age 39 : November 2011: Worst AFC EVER--a whopping 4! Three follicles responded, two eggs were retrieved. Three day transfer of two Grade 1 8 cell embryos: "Fahita" & "Burrito" Stick, stick, stick little ones!
BFP! Beta of 569
Viability u/s at 6 w 2d shows TWO babies measuring on track with heartbeats of 121. Looks like babies might be sharing the same amniotic sac.
Second u/s at 7w 2 d shows ONE baby with hb of 150, measuring 7 w 3 days. No sign of twin. Vanishing twin syndrome?
Third u/s at 8 w 2d shows ONE baby with hb of 170, measuring 8 w 3 days. Looks like a little jellybean!
12 week u/s at 12 w 2 days and baby is measuring 12 w 5 days with a heart beat of 150. Baby mooned us and waved at us with one hand....looked like a "royal" wave to me!
13 week doctor's appointment, HB=155 on doppler
14 week u/s to check cervix, HB=148
16 week u/s to check cervix, HB=138, baby had hiccups!
20 week u/s--everything looks good! HB=130, looks like we're having a GIRL!
IPS results very good!
39 weeks: Our baby girl arrived!!! She is healthy and beautiful! We are so happy! :)

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