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Over 40 and pregnant or trying to be

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Posted 29 June 2015 - 10:10 PM

Hi Ladies.  As always, I am humbled by all the amazing support you provide...


So, I emailed my clinic with a list of questions about PGS testing, karyotype testing for DH, and timing.  My doctor said that she does not recommend PGS testing because of the thawing and re-freezing of embryos.  She really feels the embryos are good (I did DE cycle, 27 year old donor).  She recommends that I go ahead and do my FET following my next cycle - but still wants DH to test when he gets home, which will be after my FET.  So that part has me a bit confused.  


There is a part of me that wants to believe that she's right about PGS - it's so flippin' expensive and I really don't like the messing around with embryos.  But, do I wait until August to do my FET so we can test DH before we go forward?  Is there any point?  He provided his sample through PESA about 1.5 years ago.  We used that same sample for this past cycle - so it is what it is and things could have changed. 


I just provided about 10 viles of blood yesterday so they can test me for everything under the sun that may be causing me to miscarry.  I'll be meeting with my RE once the main results are back.  I can talk to her more about things then...


I'm so amazed...and, dare I say, a wee bit envious...of all you fortunate gals who have managed to have babies with OE.  So awesome! 

me 45, df (dear fiance) 45

Issue: age and vasectomy


February 2014 - IVF #1

Feb. 12: 11 eggs retrieved

Feb. 17: only 2 matured on day of transfer (transferred both), 1 matured on day 6 (snowbaby)

Mar. 03: Beta 90, Mar. 05: Beta 151, Mar. 07: Beta 298, Mar. 12: Beta 896, u/s showed nothing

Mar. 22: miscarried cry.gif


May 2014 - FET

May 16: Transfered 1 beautiful 6d frozen pea...PUPO! eusa_pray.gif

May 27: HPT = BFN. 


June 2014 - IVF #2 (last try)

June 18: 11 eggs retrieved

June 22: only 3 mature on retrieval day, transferred 1 morula + 2 other multinulceated

July 2: Beta 0


April 2015 - After much careful deliberation, decided to go forward with DE cycle

April 3:  Donor ER, 18 embies, 16 fertilized

April 8:  Transferred a single Grade 1BB blastocyst!

April 14: 6dp5dt HPT = BFP...cautiously optimistic!

April 20 17: First Beta: 173!!!!

April 19: Second Beta: 399

April 21: Third Beta: 993

April 25: Fourth Beta: 5,938...this is really happening!

May 4: First ultrasound - measuring on target and heartbeat 120 bpm! heart.gif

May 28: Fourth ultrasound - no heartbeat.  Our baby is gone...emptiness now fills me