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Over 40 and pregnant or trying to be

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Posted 10 December 2014 - 11:07 PM

Hi Ladies...I've been off for a while, trying to re-group and make some tough decisions.  Alleycat, your message inspired me to send out a quick update.


We have decided to move forward with DE.  We were going to try going abroad to Greece (clinic there was SO helpful...), but my husband works overseas and I didn't want to have to schedule chunks of time off - it just seemed very complicated.  So, I got a referral to Create and met with a doctor there.  We have also checked a few donor clinics out and have decided to move forward with Little Miracles.  After searching and searching, we think we have found a donor.  She doesn't look quite as much like me as I would have hoped - but there is some resemblance and she is healthy, which is most important at this stage, I think (and hope!).  My doctor believes in doing exclusive DE so that we can give ourselves the best possible chance - we've had too much heartache already and lost so much financially...it's our very last chance to try.  So, that is how we have come to accept an exclusive cycle. 


I'm still nervous about what people will say if this works - pregnant at my age!  Geez.  But, I have also been noticing A LOT of older moms around and can only assume that there are a lot more women in our position these days for whatever reason.


Anyway, we estimate that the total cost will be around $20K - $22K.  I don't know...maybe a bit less, I hope.  I hate that it cost this much - but I also feel much more comfortable doing this here, where I live...although Sami's trip to Mexico certainly does sound lovely!!!!

Good luck Sweets!! It's a very tough decision emotionally and financially. We are lucky to have family that can help us out but it's still hard. Thanks for sharing, and you can count on us for support.

me - 45.5, husband - 43.5

1 natural pregnancy but m/c in June 2011

7 failed IUIs, 3 medicated and 4 non-medicated, all BFN

I was a poor responder to the meds, only produced 1 viable egg so I'm not a candidate for IVF

Suffering  deeply, watching all my friends get pregnant and raise kids.

No one in my immediate circle of friends and family who has gone through this so forums are amazingly helpful.


Dec 2013 - have chosen a donor with San Diego Fertility Center and have begun the process. If all goes well we'll get me preggo in April 2014. IF all goes well... 


It DIDN'T go well - our donor failed her genetic testing. It took MORE exhausting searches 24/7 to find another we liked, and finally she's passed and good to go. IF all goes well we'll go down to SDFC mid-June 2014 for the egg transfer and get me pregnant..if all goes well...if... if... if... so many letdowns cannot allow me to be hopeful, just wait and see...


June 2014 Went to SDFC, everything went smoothly. Well, kind of...family stuff... but transfer went well


July 16 2014 did blood test...BFP th_abfp.gif Wow. First time, feeling a lot emotions and crying uncontrollably for last 48 hours.


Hoping it sticks. That's all for now.


Aug 11 first u/s - TWINS. omg....good size, good heartbeat. I'm terrified.